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It’s Been Too Long

Wow, I managed to login and actually start typing a blog post… haven’t done that in a few months. Let’s just say that I have been avoiding Pierina Reads and I have all the usual excuses but all that matters is that recently I have been thinking about blogging. Since exams start in 3 days…… Continue reading It’s Been Too Long

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First of all, I am sorry I haven’t been around much lately and I plan to get my act together to make sure I post more regularly from now on… NOW! For the reason why you clicked onto this… I HAVE FINISHED WINTER BY MARISSA MEYER AND NEED TO GET ALL THE FEELS DOWN RIGHT NOW! UUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!…… Continue reading I FINALLY FINISHED IT!

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January Book Haul

11 books… I have got to stop before I run out of money 😣 But I just can’t! I got so many great books this month from my remaining vouchers which are not maxed out so no more free books for me 😔 I was really enjoying not having to worry about the damage it…… Continue reading January Book Haul

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January Wrap Up

How is it the end of January already? That month has gone by so fast and I just cannot keep track of everything! I have read so many great books this month and am so surprised by the amount I was able to read  and actually enjoyed☺️ A Streetcar Named Desire – Tennesse Williams 3*…… Continue reading January Wrap Up

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5 Tips to Motivate Yourself

The month of January is the worst month of the year for me. After Christmas and having that break from college I get so lazy. I cannot explain to you my level of laziness. But, exams begin and work starts back and me being lazy during this time is not good… at all! So I…… Continue reading 5 Tips to Motivate Yourself

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5 Ways To Spend Your Weekend

I know that it is only Tuesday and the weekend is so far away 😣 but I really wanted to do this post. For most of us, the weekends are the days we can relax after a long week of work or school. I know know not everybody has this luxury but when there is…… Continue reading 5 Ways To Spend Your Weekend