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Out With the Old, In With the New

Long time, no blog post … I realise that I have been very much absent from here for some time and cannot promise my sudden return. What I can promise is some new content. Over the previous – how many? – years that I have been reading, writing and blogging, my interests have expanded. You…… Continue reading Out With the Old, In With the New

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It’s Been Too Long

Wow, I managed to login and actually start typing a blog post… haven’t done that in a few months. Let’s just say that I have been avoiding Pierina Reads and I have all the usual excuses but all that matters is that recently I have been thinking about blogging. Since exams start in 3 days…… Continue reading It’s Been Too Long

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Holiday Reads

(Yes, I realise the banner is spelled incorrectly but it’s getting late and I am too tired to fix it πŸ™ˆΒ Apologies!) Since it is summer, why not recommend some books for you to read! It is holiday/vacation season. A chance for us all to get away at some point or just take a few days…… Continue reading Holiday Reads

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New York Day 3 & 4 | BookCon

The past two days have been exhausting, confusing but also really fun. It was overwhelming at first what with the insane amount of people who attended and all of the amazing booths and bookish things. It was so large and took some time to really adjust to the fact that this was going to be…… Continue reading New York Day 3 & 4 | BookCon

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New York Day 2

It was so freaking hot! No one understands that in Ireland, we usually get rain and that’s it. So, coming into this warm weather is different. The day was basically filled with shopping, exploring the city and getting ubers everywhere πŸ˜‚ Still jet lagged, we basically just took our time and didn’t rush around considering…… Continue reading New York Day 2