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“So, What’s Next After College?”

“So, what’s next after college?” Most hated question from most students’ point of view. Unless you have been accepted into a particular course with a guaranteed full-time job as an outcome, who knows what comes after college? So, with my exams finished and am waiting the dreaded few weeks until results, this question has come…… Continue reading “So, What’s Next After College?”

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Out With the Old, In With the New

Long time, no blog post … I realise that I have been very much absent from here for some time and cannot promise my sudden return. What I can promise is some new content. Over the previous – how many? – years that I have been reading, writing and blogging, my interests have expanded. You…… Continue reading Out With the Old, In With the New

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It’s Been Too Long

Wow, I managed to login and actually start typing a blog post… haven’t done that in a few months. Let’s just say that I have been avoiding Pierina Reads and I have all the usual excuses but all that matters is that recently I have been thinking about blogging. Since exams start in 3 days…… Continue reading It’s Been Too Long