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End of Exams and NY

I AM FINISHED MY 2ND (basically 3rd) YEAR OF COLLEGE Another year down, one more and I am finished college 😳 That kind of scares me. At least I still have another year to figure things out 😂 Now that exams are done I have time to read and watch Netflix… yes, that does make…… Continue reading End of Exams and NY

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April Wrap Up, Alton Towers & ACOWAR

I am so sorry that this post is incredibly late but exam season is upon us… most of you can relate. Anywho,  last month was just as crazy as this month and my book count was not my best but better 3 books than no books right! 3.5* “I was pleasantly surprised by this book…… Continue reading April Wrap Up, Alton Towers & ACOWAR

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Contemporary Recommendations

Spring is here! Yes, I am a few weeks late with that statement… It has been raining non-stop here in Ireland and there was even a storm, so Spring wasn’t really here. But, these past few days have been bright, warm and my dog isn’t soaked in rain… which means Spring is finally coming. We’ll…… Continue reading Contemporary Recommendations

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International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day!!!!!!!!! For those of you who don’t care, please don’t spread hate on this day when others who are so passionate about Women and Equality are. And also, if anyone is offended by this post then I am going to apologise in advance, I am just expressing my opinion based on my…… Continue reading International Women’s Day

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5 Ways To Spend Your Weekend

I know that it is only Tuesday and the weekend is so far away 😣 but I really wanted to do this post. For most of us, the weekends are the days we can relax after a long week of work or school. I know know not everybody has this luxury but when there is…… Continue reading 5 Ways To Spend Your Weekend

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If Fictional Worlds Were Real…

We would pretty much all be screwed 😛 Today I am bringing you a post that is a little bit different. As Fictional YA continues to grow and grow and more insanely talented authors create mystical and thrilling worlds, I was thinking about how all of them are just so much more interesting than our…… Continue reading If Fictional Worlds Were Real…