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July Wrap Up


How on earth can it already be Autumn? I am not ready for Summer to end. I love Autumn but leaving Summer behind means I have to go back to college and I am soooooooooooooo not ready to finish my final year 😳😳😳

I did read


I was on freaking fire with my reading last month and it honestly felt so good to pick up a book and read for hours. I had plenty of time and I thoroughly enjoyed each book I read which is also a huge bonus πŸ€—

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The Titan’s Curse


” This has been my favourite book in this series so far! Not only am I loving Percy more and more as he gets older but I am loving how other characters are also developing. The plot line is really beginning to unfold and I really love how Riordan is including all the different Greek Gods instead of just mentioning them.”

The Battle Of The Labyrinth


“This series is honestly just getting better and better. I am falling in love with Percy and Annabeth and all of the other characters in this series. Even though this series is meant to be for younger readers, it honestly makes me feel young πŸ˜› Riordan is a pro at adding humour even when everything is going bad which I really appreciate as a reader. I also really like watching as Percy grows older with each book. Riordan captures growth so much with the way Percy reacts to certain things and his thoughts on different people, particularly when he encounters girls and female gods. I am very excited for the last instalment in this series!”

The Last OlympianΒ 


” I cannot believe I have finished this series! I was honestly so caught up in this book. Everywhere I went, this book followed in the hopes that I could read it even for a few minutes at a time πŸ˜› Riordan really did a fantastic job with Percy and the world of Olympus. I grew to love each character so quickly and I have enjoyed reading about how each of them grow in their own way. I always liked all the answers at the end. There was always the question about Luke and I am so glad I got to understand the reasons behind this plot line and Luke as a character. Annabeth will always have a special place in my heart. She was by far my favourite character and watching her grow was honestly amazing. I felt so proud by the end of this book and cannot wait to pick up the Heroes of Olympus Series!”

Β© Pierina Reads

*Just have to take a moment to appreciate how insanely adorable my dog is. I just had to put Chief in this picture because he is my favourite thing in the world just like this new series I began to readΒ πŸ™ƒ*

Finding Sky


” I was recommended to read this book from a friend and am so glad I took a chance on this. I wasn’t sure about it in the beginning but I just became addicted. I read all night and day just so lost in the story. It was an easy read which I really needed. The character development was good and I like the idea of savants and soulfinders. Also loved the love interest ☺️ Stirling really captured the trauma Sky has experienced and set her character very well.”

Challenging Zed


“Loved Zed’s point of view! I’m obsessed with this!”

Stealing Phoenix


“This finally came in the post during the week and I have been itching to pick it up. I started on Friday evening only managing to read a chapter before I got home. Once I settled into bed and picked it up again, I didn’t put it down until 4 a.m. I gobbled this up! This is no joke. I honestly would not stop reading and when my eyes were literally about to shut I had to stop but my mind was so engrossed in this story. I love Stirling’s Savant world so much! I love the Benedict family and am falling in love with every single one of them. I also love how Stirling really gives a good background for her main character before the Benedicts step in. The romance was great and also loved the fact that there were a lot of moments where Yves and Phee really just did not get on. That is one of favourite tropes πŸ˜› Seeking Crystal is sitting right beside me and as soon as I post this I am devouring it!”

Burning Yves


“I love Yves. He is so adorable and I loved reading this side of him. It is one perspective when reading from Phee’s side but to actually be given a short story from Yves’s perspective really helps with his characterisation.”

Seeking Crystal


” Honestly this is my favourite Savant book so far! I love Xav and couldn’t wait to read about his Soulfinder. I also loved Crystal. She was sassy but also she was just confused about her life which I think a lot of people can relate to. Reading their story and how they became Soulfinders was fantastic. I also love how Stirling is elaborating her crime network even more as the series continues.”

Teasing Xav


” I didn’t really think the start of this was necessary. I understood it during the second half of the story but it may have been too long. Pushing this aside, the second half was so good. I love getting the Benedicts perspective on the stories that unfold.”

Β© Pierina Reads

Daughter Of The Pirate King


“I JUST ATE THIS BOOK UP ❀ I loved everything about this book. Alosa was an amazing character to read about and she has so much sass which really kept me entertained. Levenseller’s writing is so beautiful and simple. There is just something about the writing in this book that hooked me. I really enjoyed Riden and his issues with is own life. Levenseller really dives deep into her characters with this book. I also really just loved the whole pirate aspect of it. I wasn’t sure at first how this would turn out, but Levenseller did a fantastic job portraying this world.”

Assassin’s Heart


” I actually really enjoyed this book and so glad I picked it off my shelf. It was different than I expected the plot to be but in a good way. Ahiers brought me on a new adventure. Lea was a great protagonist and Ahiers captured her grief and fear very well. I loved Les’s humour too. There was a lot of vengeance mixed with a mafia kind of style which I adored and really it held my interest. I can’t wait to order Thief’s Cunning!”

The Winner’s Crime


” This was one of the best sequels I have read in a while. I was so hooked on these characters, this plot and mystery. I loved seeing how Rutkoski brought more of her world together. I fell more in love with her characters and her writing. She did a fantastic job with this book and I honestly can’t wait to read more. The ending has shaken me and I can’t imagine what it must have been like for readers who had to wait until the next book was released. I have to wait a week… it will be the longest week ever!”

Poison Study


“This book was amazing! I devoured it and stayed up all night reading despite the fact that I have a cold πŸ˜‚ I read Snyder’s Healer series and loved it but this is even better! The writing, the plot, the insane character development. It was extraordinary and I loved every word on every page. I also loved how the romance aspect was not a dominant feature in the plot, Snyder focused on the story unfolding the corruption. Yelena is some woman let me tell you and I deeply fell in love with Valek 😍 Snyder really outdid herself with this debut novel and I can’t wait to read Magic Study next ☺️”

That was one hell of a wrap up let me tell you πŸ˜‚Β Here’s hoping that August will be even better or I will settle for the same 😝 July has brought me great books and some new favourite series of mine!

What did you read last month?

Thank you so much for reading,

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12 thoughts on “July Wrap Up

  1. Your dog is adorable! And also the covers of those books in the same pic are gorgeous! I read The Lightning Thief in July and I can’t wait to continue reading Rick Riordan’s books! I need to get copies of them though and there is just so many! 😫

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    1. He is my baby ❀ I know what you mean about the amount of books. It is honestly an amazing series and I would highly recommend it but books are expensive. You could always try buying a set of the books, it might turn out cheaper πŸ™‚ Thank you for reading!

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