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June Wrap Up

And another month has gone by… 😳

Can someone please figure out how to slow time down?

Anywho, June was a busy month with New York, getting back to life and work, then I went on a road trip to Achill in the West of Ireland. But that didn’t stop me from reading!

4 books total this month which isn’t too bad but also means I have a lot of makeup reading to do this month 😜

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“I did thoroughly enjoy this book like I have this series. The characters still had plenty of development and I loved how Snyder still had so much time to express this. She had a knack for strategy and her the dialogue is so simple that it all works. I did think the ending was too neat and she could have twisted something but overall this ending worked and I enjoyed this series as a whole.”

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“I really did enjoy this book but there was something missing for me. I liked Louna and the world she lived in, especially as she took me through the prep work of weddings and the actual weddings themselves. Ambrose was also a great character. His humour definitely lightened the book and even had me giggling away to myself. One thing I didn’t really connect with though was the story of Louna and Ethan. Yes, it was so romantically adorable but it just didn’t seem real to me. It was too perfect with how their relationship progressed in such a short period of time. However, I liked the idea of how this relationship was central to Louna and her character development. Overall, it was an enjoyable read.”

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“So glad I started this series ❀️ I love Percy and the world of Greek Gods. Riordan outdid himself with his first Percy novel and I cannot wait to dive straight into the next book!”

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 19.49.17


“This was such a good second instalment of the Percy Jackson series! The more I read about these characters and the world of Greek Gods, the more I become addicted πŸ˜› I kind of already knew this plot line from the film but the film doesn’t always follow the book and it was great to actually see how Riordan placed his own characters and his plot. Percy has moved himself higher on my list of characters, along with Annabeth. This series is great overall and cannot wait to dive into the next book!”

Short reading month yes, but I have plenty of time next month to catch up!

I will hopefully be posting a really really really large June Book Haul soon and also a post about my trip to the West!

Thank you so much for reading,

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