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New York Day 3 & 4 | BookCon

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The past two days have been exhausting, confusing but also really fun. It was overwhelming at first what with the insane amount of people who attended and all of the amazing booths and bookish things. It was so large and took some time to really adjust to the fact that this was going to be more busy than I ever imagined 😜

I didn’t take a lot of pictures at Book Con because there was so much going on and there was not always a lot of opportunities but here are a few from Saturday.

I didn’t have a whole lot planned for my first Book Con and I wanted to take it all in my stride. I missed RenΓ©e Adheidh signing because I was at a BookTube Meet & Greet, but I still gotΒ  Flame in the Mist! I did, however, get to meet with Victoria Aveyard, author to the Red Queen series. She is so lovely and also so beautiful. Before her signing, she did a panel with Veronica Roth and Danielle Paige which was really fun. There was also the part where I randomly walked by the Macmillan booth and saw Chad Michael Murray, a.k.a my first childhood love ❀️ That was pretty much it for Day 1. We wandered a lot and queue times also took up a lot of time.

Today, Sunday, was also a pretty chill day. There was no signings that I wanted to go to or panels that I really wanted to see. There was my hope of picking up Zenith and Wonder Woman ARCs which was destroyed unfortunately. But I will just have to patiently wait for the releases I suppose 😣 The most exciting thing that happened was meeting Matt Bomer. He was such a lovely guy and I was just my usual awkward self 😜

Anyway, it was a lovely weekend even though it was very busy and overwhelming but I got to meet some amazing people and also got complimented a lot on my ACOTAR tote bag I received at DeptCon last year ☺️

The rest of our stay will be exploring more of the city and shopping!

How was your weekend?

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