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My Dream Reading Space

Hello, hello hello!

This is my second week without exams crushing down on me and it feels so nice to be able to take the time to prepare this post about my dream reading space.

I have been researching furniture and spaces and have been inspired by who have fabulous furniture which got me really excited about thinking of my dream reading space. A lot of the furniture shown below is from the Arhaus website.

Most of you know that one of my goals in life is to have a home library which would be dream reading space. I have done a post similar to this a while back – Home Libraries – but this is more about the space you feel comfortable to read in, a space you can escape to another world without the world interfering.


You may know about my obsession with Pinterest but as part of this post, I wanted to share some ideas with you based on my dream reading room if I could choose one. Including the items above, I would love for the reading room to be completely covered in bookshelves and, of course, books. This is honestly like Heaven to me! LOOK AT ALL OF THOSE BOOKS 😍


I am a couch person when I read… well, I am actually a couch person in general 😂 If I had a bigger reading space, I would love a longer sofa especially in an L shape because I love moving from one position to another when I read. However, for smaller spaces, this chair on the right is the perfect size because it is not just one single seat but larger for me to wiggle around and lie horizontally.

You can find plenty of seating options on the sectional seating Arhaus page.


Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 15.22.23

I love lamps ❤️ I don’t like too much light when I read. I love natural light during the day but when day turns to night and Summer days become Winter days, the darker hues make me feel so cosy. I am more of a traditional lamp person. I love simple standing lamp structures and this one is just so cute! I love the tree structure 😍

There are more lamps on the lighting Arhaus page.

End Tables

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 15.26.23

How cute is this ❤️ I personally love darker wood furniture. I love including wood furnishings into my reading spaces. This would be the perfect end table to place a large candle, a notebook and pen and a small stack of some of my favourite books. This would look so nice placed beside the chair above with the lamp on the opposite side of the chair.

Check out the end tables Arhaus page for more.


It wouldn’t be a reading space without a bookcase! I am sticking with the dark wood here. The book case on the left would once again be if I had a larger reading space. It is beautiful. But, the smaller version on the right is probably the perfect size for a smaller reading space. It would fit perfectly with the end table and having this mixture of dark woof and grey chairs really adds something different and a little bit more colourful to your reading space.

There are so many wonderful bookcases you will fall in love with on the cabinet and bookcase Arhaus page.


You need bookish pillows for you reading area! These are a few that I picked from my endless list on Pinterest ❤️ I would love an endless amount of bookish themed pillows and cushions because they are made for bookworms like me and many of you who read!


Blankets are a necessity when I read! How can you have a dream reading space without a blanket or 10? They make me feel so cosy and secure, especially when I am reading Fantasy novels that tend to tear me into pieces… like ACOWAR and Lord of Shadows 😂 These pillows are from Heatons which is an Irish store and I am so in love with their blankets!

That is all for this post! Looking through the Arhaus website has gives me so many great ideas for my own reading space and now I am all excited about being able to design my own reading space one day!

If you want some inspiration of your own, check out Arhaus Instagram and Pinterest, they really bring some ideas together and put their designs into perspective!

What does your dream reading space look like?

Thank you so much for reading,


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