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April Wrap Up, Alton Towers & ACOWAR

I am so sorry that this post is incredibly late but exam season is upon us… most of you can relate. Anywho,  last month was just as crazy as this month and my book count was not my best but better 3 books than no books right!

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“I was pleasantly surprised by this book I have to be honest. It was not as predictable as I thought it would be. I mean the love stories are as in who falls for who but the plot line is full of twists and turns which really grabbed my attention! All I wanted to do was read this book until the end but life got in the way 😂 Plot development was great, characters are amazing and I really enjoyed the whole sailor/pirate theme going on here, definitely different to read about.”




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“Took me forever to read this because life kept getting in way 🙄 enjoyed this second installment to the Withchlands Trilogy so much and fell even more in love with the characters. Dennard has a way of throwing me off with her plot twists and just when I think everything is going in one direction she spins in another. Also liked the multi POVs which really broadened the story line and we got an insight into everyone’s lives.”




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“Really enjoyed May’s debut novel. Not only was it about the Fae but it was based in Edinburgh, Scotland!!!! It was a great way to begin a series, especially because May really takes her time explaining the world she has created like the relationships between síthecean and pixies. Her character development was great and I really liked the fact that Aileanna (great name) wasn’t some bad-ass, confident girl ready to take on the world. She was constantly haunted by her past and she had some doubts about her destiny. I was so skeptical of Kieran at first but he grew on me really fast. Broody as he is he also brings a lot of humour to the seriousness of the situation in the book. My favourite character was Derrick because I kept picturing him as a drunk-on-honey elf and May actually made me laugh out loud through this pixie. Great characters, great story and cannot wait for the next instalment.”

Last month, my family and I took a trip to Alton Towers just like we do every year. Last year, I decided to skip it because you know I was 19 and responsible to stay all by myself. But, I missed out on all the fun and couldn’t miss out once again!

Because I didn’t go last year, this year was just so exciting! All the rollercoasters, I was in my element! My buzz was so freaking high that I even faced my fear of Oblivion! If you have been to Alton Towers then you know what rollercoaster I am talking about. Even though I was a complete nervous wreck in the beginning, once I dropped, it was one of the best feelings in the world!

Because one of the hotel resorts was closed for renovations, my family and I stayed in these cute hobbit lodges. Honestly, it felt like a fairy woodland ❤ Most magical weekend of my life.

While avoiding essays, Alton Towers was a great distraction and the perfect weekend away before college began to load it all on me 😛

Have you ever been to Alton Towers? What is your favourite rollercoaster?

Now, I could not write this post without mentioning ACOWAR! Ok so story time:

ACOWAR was released the day that I was leaving Alton Towers and I worried about not getting the book for weeks in advance. It is a tradition that on the last day when we drive back to the ferry, we stop in Llandudno and go for a big shop in Asda because we don’t have one Ireland. So I was searching online for bookstores around Llandudno and I found a Waterstones, but this was the previous day and I never saved the details. So, we are in this nice pub place for dinner the next day and the wifi wouldn’t work for me to get the directions and I was panicking because this is ACOWAR and I needed it so bad. Anywho, I’m going to cut this short and just tell you that I found the Waterstones and got the book even though I was so stressed and completely walked right by it 😛

I promised myself that I would wait until after my essays to read it… I didn’t wait of course and power read the whole thing!


You can see my review on GoodReads, or just wait until my May Wrap up 😂

What did you guys think of ACOWAR?

Uh, okay so this got kind of long but you know how it is when we all catch up after a few weeks apart 😛

How have you been guys?

What books did you read last month, or are currently reading?

Thanks for reading,





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