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International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day!!!!!!!!!

For those of you who don’t care, please don’t spread hate on this day when others who are so passionate about Women and Equality are.

And also, if anyone is offended by this post then I am going to apologise in advance, I am just expressing my opinion based on my everyday experiences and what I have learned throughout my education experience too.

All around the world, women are either not working, cooking, cleaning or spending single cent, or they are wearing red to show their appreciation for this day. Others are wearing black to express their passion for this important day. I really wanted to do a post about this seeing as I care so strongly about women and gender differences, but also today is Ireland’s March against the 8th Amendment, which I will explain a little later!

No matter how many people knock this day or the dedication women put into this day, they can’t take away the sense of unity that is occurring all over the world. Not just women uniting together, but also men standing up for women too. I think it is just so amazing to see! I have been watching so many videos about female actresses and celebrities standing up for Feminism and giving the true meaning of what it is. I have also been reading articles ย relating to this as well.

Have any of you seen the interview where Emma Watson explains the difference between what Feminism actually is and what others think it is?

She makes a good point, right? Just thought I would show you that clip if you haven’t seen it ๐Ÿ™‚

There are so many different organisations and unions that have been set up to make people aware of women and their importance not just in society but life! I think having this day for women to come together and put themselves first is so important and we all need to be aware and acknowledge the fact that although women have rights, there is still a major divide, and not to mention the shaming women receive.

Watson makes a good point in the video above about men having rights too. I think people can get a little carried away when they discuss Feminism and Women’s Rights because they just point at women completely. But, if we want respect girls, we have to give it too. This goes both ways and the sooner the rest of the world realises this (which is taking forever) then the sooner we can finally get over the whole Adam and Eve issue and start treating each other equally.

In Ireland, women and men across the country are coming together to march against the 8th Amendment. For those of you who do not know, the 8th Amendment is a law in Ireland that forbids women having abortions. I know this discussion has been going on for quite some time now and the issue is finally being heard and people are making others aware. The Irish Free State was heavily influenced by the Catholic Church way back when, which brought a whole bundle of problems, and two ย of them was the abolishment of contraception and abortion. You may think, yeah okay whatever. But if you type in ‘Magdalen Laundries’ then you will learn about the trauma and suffering women who were not married experienced. Anyway, the law has not been abolished yet, and with the increasing number of people speaking out against it, this issue is being heard!

I am going to just point out that this law is being treated and maintained by government officials who are mainly male… MEN in Irish government are the ones upholding this law and not listening to what WOMEN are saying! Do you see the problem wit that picture? Why isn’t this issue being taken up with FEMALE POLITICIANS? Why should men get to choose what we can and cannot do with our bodies? The world has come along so well in terms of women and their bodies, so why is Ireland so far behind?

I definitely know that the majority of Maynooth University are out on the streets marching to make this issue more aware! I admire them really. I do understand the reasons why others are against this: killing a child living in the womb. But, what about the women themselves? They should be the ones to have the choice whether they want to abort or not. It should be their choice since it is their body, and their conscience. No one else should tell them otherwise.

I am sorry again if I offended anyone, but I really wanted to get my opinion out there. If you couldn’t tell, I do care so strongly about equality for all. I grew up in a house with three younger sisters… so, you can see that we are all Feminists. My poor Dad, but having four daughters has made him realise that women deal with inequality everyday not matter who small or large it is. He never saw it before because he was a boy growing up in a man’s world, now he has to listen to us everyday so you can see how that works ๐Ÿ˜›

Congratulations if you have made it to the end of this post and like it too. I am hoping most of you are aware that it is International Women’s Day, and that you also want equality for ALL!

Thank you so much for reading,





4 thoughts on “International Women’s Day

  1. What a great post! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I really hope peopleโ€™s protests make politicians see the law needs to be changed. In Portugal we had a referendum in 2007 and abortion on request was legalised during the first ten weeks of pregnancy. Before that it was only possible in cases of rape, malformation of the fetus or when the womanโ€™s health was at risk. In this situations it is legal to have an abortion after the 10 weeks period.
    Is it true that in Ireland it is not possible to have an abortion in case of rape?


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