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February Wrap Up

I literally forgot that it was March this morning…

I am so dreading this month because I turn the ‘t’ word and I am not ready for that AT ALL! …

Anywho, I have read a total of 3 books this month… oh god 😕 I have been so busy that I have not been able to sit down and read a good book! However! I have spent most of that reading time on WattPad and have read some great stories over there!




“I enjoyed this book but it was not my favourite from West. It was cute, mushy and I really liked the main characters. I found the doll thing a bit weird and creepy but West also brought something different and unique to the table with its plot.








I already have a post dedicated to this book so I am going to link it right here. It is not really a review but more of me fangirling about this book!









“I really enjoyed this book and wish I had had more time to sit down and read it fully. Some nights I was too tired to read and skimmed through the pages not really paying attention. But when I was fully awake I loved Blake’s ability to create this world between fire and ice. I loved Ruby and her sass, her sarcasm and wit. She was a great protagonist and Blake really gave her that strength and empowerment which really added to the tension in the story. Arcus was amazing too and I was so taken aback about that twist!!!! Anyway, great read and for YA fantasy book, it was easy to follow too!”


And that is my very short wrap up. I wish I had more time to read and hopefully I will be able to make time soon because I am missing holding a physical book in my hand </3

What did your read last month?

Thank you so much for reading,






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