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Reading Illuminae and Writing

I am so sorry that I have not blogged when I said I would…

I am not going bore you with why but I just wanted to update you guys and make some effort πŸ˜‚

Anyway, first piece of news is that I am FINALLY reading Illuminae! You can all thank Kevin @ The Irish ReaderΒ who selfishly got me this book for Christmas πŸ˜‚ He wanted me to love it as much as he does and I really am, so mission in life accomplished Kevin!Β We have actually discovered that some of the pages from my book is faded and he kind of freaked out when I told him 🀣

My next piece of news is that I am writing but not creatively… In the New Year I signed up to write for the college paper! Not only was I proud of myself for doing something other than reading, eating, sleeping and not socialising, but my family was proud too 😜

I have been writing weekly articles and am so happy about them. I haven’t had time to start any projects or even write anything but writing articles is so different. I get to write as if I am writing a post for you guys, which I really enjoy and there isn’t that same pressure of writing creatively… if that makes sense.

Another piece of news is that I have also signed up for creative writing workshops within the college! If you haven’t noticed, signing up for things is a pattern I’m trying to keep up πŸ€— Anyway, I had my first class last week and loved it. Our writer in residence, Joanna Walsh, is so lovely and I have already learned so much in the first session… I sound like I am promoting her but I am really just trying to show you all how excited I am about this.

The bottom line is that I am getting out of the house and now I am REALLY learning the world of deadlines!

Sorry this post was short and probably boring, and even if you didn’t care about an update… well you got one πŸ˜›

Hope your Monday wasn’t too… you know Monday-like?

Thanks so much for reading,






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