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January Wrap Up

How is it the end of January already? That month has gone by so fast and I just cannot keep track of everything!

I have read so many great books this month and am so surprised by the amount I was able to read  and actually enjoyed☺️

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A Streetcar Named Desire – Tennesse Williams


“I actually weirdly enjoyed this play. It was easy to follow, dramatic and the film really helped set the tone and atmosphere.”





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Evelina – Frances Burney


“You know what? I actually oddly enjoyed this book. As long as it was, it was easy to follow and I loved Lord Orville. There were so many characters I disliked but that is how Burney intended to betray them. I do feel that Volume II was probably irrelevant but so far as college books go, it was a light and easy read.”



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Jazz – Toni Morrison 


“I was so confused all throughout this book. It was very repetitive and I had no sympathy or emotion for the characters. Although I did like Morrison’s writing. But this book was not for me and I am still not sure what happened.”

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Angels in America – Tony Kushner


“This book was actually not bad. I really liked the dialogue and the simplicity of sets. It was a little bit vulgar and… detailed. However, the meaning behind the book stood out and there was a lot of inspiring moments between characters that I enjoyed.”

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Mafiosa – Catherina Doyle 


“Such a fabulous ending to this trilogy. I am so sad to leave this world and Sophie since I have been following these characters on the release of the very first book. I am so proud of Catherine Doyle, even prouder because she’s Irish!!, her writing is so beautiful and her plot lines and twists are insane. I’m looking forward to everything else she throws me way ☺”



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Crystal Storm – Morgan Rhodes


“How could Morgan Rhodes do this to me?”

Why does GoodReads get rid of all of my Morgan Rhodes reviews? I had a whole review on this and it was just me fangirling! You would have loved it 😂

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The Cell Phone Swap – Lindsey Summers


“I read this book on Wattpad and found out that it is actually going to be published!
I have been reading cute romantic stories in Wattpad for a while now but they are all becoming so repetitive. Yes, Summers gives in to the cliches but she does it so well. There is no popularity contests and overly exaggerated chapters, it is funny, upbeat and you fall in love with the characters so easily. Summers did a great job with making this story flow and I really could not get enough of it. I was not ready for it to end but I discovered there is more to come of these characters and I am so excited <3”

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Defending Taylor – Miranda Keneally


“I enjoyed this book I really did but I didn’t really feel emotionally invested in the characters like I usually do. It was a nice quick read and I really liked the concept of the plot. I felt the romance was a little too rushed and although Taylor and Ezra knew each other so long, there wasn’t really a connection. But, I did find it so cute and was perfect since I am on a contemporary buzz”




8 books… I think that is pretty amazing for January! I have been in a bit of a fantasy slump with the exception of Morgan Rhodes 😜 I have been on a romance kick and just want to read cute mushy stories all the time. I am going to do a contemporary recommendations post soon and I am so excited for it 😌

Current Read


Winter – Marissa Meyer

I am finally reading the final book in the Lunar Chronicles and am loving every freaking moment! I cannot stop laughing at my status updates 😂 I have been updating like every 20 pages and just get so excited!

What books are you guys reading?

Thanks so much for reading,





6 thoughts on “January Wrap Up

  1. So many books on this list that I’d like to read someday! Right now I’m reading Not Your Sidekick and The Girl Before. Both going good so far! And yes, January has completely flown by! It’s crazy…

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