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5 Tips to Motivate Yourself

The month of January is the worst month of the year for me. After Christmas and having that break from college I get so lazy. I cannot explain to you my level of laziness. But, exams begin and work starts back and me being lazy during this time is not good… at all!

So I have been trying to find ways to get myself motivated, out of bed and doing things that need to be done within my day. I have spent so much time thinking about what I need to do and less time actually doing it… like this post. I have been thinking about it for 2 days and finally forced myself to sit down and begin… kind of hypocritical πŸ˜‚

These are just a few tips I use:


I spend so much time watching videos on YouTube ranging from music videos, BookTube and beauty stuff. But, I have found some really great channels to get me in the mood for getting my life together πŸ˜‚ I watch study videos a lot when I know I need to study for exams or prepare for an essay. I also love watching fitness and healthy eating videos to really hype myself up to eat healthier and get out of the house more… I mean I fail at that but the thought still counts 😜

Β© YouTube

Role Model

I love getting inspiration from the people around me. Seeing how they are dealing with their life really makes me think about sorting out mine. My sister is obsessed with health and fitness. She is always on the go and doesn’t even understand the meaning of procrastination, so when I see how she wakes up early every morning and sticks to her routine, it makes me want to do the same… and I realised I just publicly complimented my sister πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ I will not hear the end of this!


Easier said than done, I know. But planning is crucial when you are trying to motivate yourself to do something. There will be no drive if you don’t think ahead and work out what you are trying to achieve. This doesn’t mean you have to sit down and physically write out a schedule for your day. If writing lists intimates you then mentally note down tasks you would like to achieve during your day. Breaking down your planning takes the pressure off of planning and it is less daunting.

Β© PinterestΒ 

Make Your Bed

This has helped me so much! I make my bed every single morning unless I am planning to wash my sheets that day. If I don’t make my bed in the morning then I feel so out of place and my day becomes so messed up. I know this is absurd and makes no sense but by making my bed and tidying my room before I leave the house really sets up my day. I have completed one task and am ready to complete more. Also it is so satisfying coming home from work or college and your living space is organised and clean.

Reward Yourself

The best way to motivate yourself is to think about the reward you will receive after you have completed your tasks. This can simply be eating chocolate, watching a movie or treating yourself to a cheeky takeaway. Think about something that will make your day brighter and use it to reward yourself at the end of the day, or week. Being strict on yourself is not necessarily a negative impact. Not letting yourself watch Netflix or take a relaxing bath until you have everything you need done really drives you to stop procrastinating.

Β© Pinterest

Motivating yourself and getting your mind in the right space can be difficult if you don’t have that motivated mentality. I struggle so much with getting things done and stay in my pyjamas all day reading or watching Netflix. But with college and work now, it made me realise that I really need to get my act together and start making better use of my time  😊

How do you motivate yourself?

Thank you so much for reading and hope you all have a nice weekend!




7 thoughts on “5 Tips to Motivate Yourself

  1. I think my boyfriend can 100% agree with the making the bed one. He always whether its our own bed or if we’re staying overnight somewhere ALWAYS has to make the bed before he proceeds with the day. I also find much of my motivation through youtube, I always find myself going from one video to the next and before I know it hours have gone by lol Which also holds true with Pinterest, so many awesome and amazing ideas on there, great source of motivation!

    xo, JJ


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