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5 Impacts of Reading

I am back people!

It’s been like over a week since I have posted but I have just been working, reading and enjoying being free from exams πŸ˜ƒ

I recently read an article somewhere about how readers are the best people for like 30 reasons and it gave me the idea to suggest some of the impacts I feel are important.


I think this is the most obvious impact. Of course reading has a major affect on people who enjoy writing. I know for a fact that I love to read not only to escape but to get some great ideas for my own stories and how to portray my own worlds and characters. It’s so satisfying to read books that are written so well because it really motivates me to write just as well πŸ–Š

Universality Β 

A lot of books can be so relatable and have universal issues that reach out to people. This can be seen clearly through contemporary books but YA Fantasy books are incorporating issues and problems that may not be so clear to see. Feminism is such a big deal especially with female authors creating such badass female characters πŸ’ͺ🏽. It is so easy to relate to a particular character and it can be comforting.


When people think of readers, they think of a girl sitting alone with her head in a book being anti-social. The main problem with that picture is that boys read books too and reading is not an anti-social pastime. With internet, reading has become a community all around the world. I thought I was the only person in Ireland who read books… okay exaggeration πŸ˜‚, but I quickly realised that there is a whole community here filled with people who read the same genres as me. GoodReads, YouTube, Blogs really bring people together and you can befriend so many people with the same interests as you!


Reading is so soothing to people who love to read. It’s really easy to pick up a book and forget reality for a few hours. I know that reading can calm me when I’m angry, cheer me up when I’m sad and make me cry happy tears. Stories can entrance you which may mean your mind is off in cloud cuckoo land, but that is the whole point 😌


I know this is a big issue surrounding the book community at the moment and someone always has something to say. Ignoring the comments and whatnot, reading does give you an insight into different cultures and practices. It is always good to step out of your comfort zone and learn something different about somebody else. I am loving the addition to diversity into books because it really shows how books are changing with the times. We live in a diverse world now and books really have to prove this πŸ™ƒ

I really hope you liked this post. I feel like it is a little bit different even though it is related to books and reading, but no one seems to outline the reasons why it’s important or the impacts it has.

How does reading impact you?

Thank you so much for reading,





4 thoughts on “5 Impacts of Reading

  1. What I love about being a reader is the fact you understand others feeling so much better and learn to judge less. I have found the more I’ve read, the more I can somewhat understand someone’s feelings and issues that aren’t always talked about in other ways (hopefully that makes sense?) ☺️

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