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The Aesthetically Pleasing Book Tag

I promised you guys a book tag, and a book tag you shall have!

I really didn’t know which one to choose but after some careful consideration – boring old Google Search 😜 – I decided to to The Aesthetically Pleasing Book Tag… if you couldn’t tell from the title. Why did I even type that in?

Anywho! I am definitely not the only one who is obsessed with pretty book covers. And don’t lie, 99% of us judge books by their covers πŸ™„ It’s a book habit. I saw this tag over atΒ Dream Land Book Blog, so you should check it out ☺️

Best Colour ComboΒ 

Ink And Bone – Rachel Caine

This colour scheme/combo is just amazing. I had another planned for this but when I really thought about it I knew I had to pick this one. It is beautiful, the pink, yellow, orange, grey, blue. I don’t know why I’m listing colours off when you can see it perfectly. Anyway, it is just so aesthetically pleasing that I could stare at it for ages and not be bored just looking at it.


Best Typography/Font

Falling Kingdoms – Morgan Rhodes

This typography is so beautiful. It’s mystical, old-fashioned calligraphy kind. The blades on the K and S just really sum up this series with bloodshed and murder… hope that didn’t spoil anything for you guys 😟


Best Simple ColourΒ 

Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell

I really love the simplicity of this cover. It is not boring plain, it has some life to it but at the same time, the colour scheme and simple illustrations really just make this cover simple and aesthetically pleasing. I think I’ve said “simple” enough times now…


Best Endpages

An Ember in the Ashes – Sabaa Tahir

This is beautiful end page. It is a map right at the back which I really love. Maps are usually in the beginning but this addition at the back it is so different. It’s not plain but the venues listed at the side and matching with the numbers kinds makes entertaining πŸ˜‚


Best Map

Six of Crows – Leigh Bardugo

I know this is the second map in the book but it is my favourite. Most books come with maps of the surrounding landscape and kingdoms, but Bardugo’s addition of the Ice Court really helped to keep track of the characters and to have some sort of sense of how she may have envisioned the scene. Also the design is so intricate. It looks like someone’s sketch without any technical adjustments.I just really love it.


Best Naked Hardback

Passenger – Alexandra Bracken

You cannot tell me that this naked hardback is not aesthetically pleasing. It is just so beautiful. The colour scheme is… I have no words. I remember when I received this book and literally just obsessed over the cover. Beautiful 😍 I tried to get a view of the spine and the front but failed miserably πŸ˜‚


Best Back Cover

P.S I Like You – Kasie West

Such a nice back cover. First of all, it’s not just plain and a continuation of the front cover with reviews. And I really like whoever that guy who is very aesthetically pleasing… taking my judging covers to a whole new level πŸ˜‚


Best Chapter Headers

A Book of Spirits and Thieves – Morgan Rhodes

I love these chapter headings. They really add to that mystical feeling. They also really give me a good sense of what that wheel looks like because I can never justify Rhode’s descriptions 😜 I also just love seeing Farrell’s chapter headings because that means I get to read about him since he is one of my favourite characters!


Best IllustrationsΒ 

The Original Folk & Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm

I don’t have many other books with illustrations but this book has such beautiful and unique ones. I mean just look at the cover, it gives you an idea of what’s inside.


Best Spine

Throne of Glass – Sarah J. Maas

Ignore the Christmas decorations and ACOTAR. This is an old photo since I am too lazy to take another one 😜 Mixing my hardbacks with my paperbacks makes them look so aesthetically pleasing and I literally sit and stare at them some times… now I’m taking weird to a whole new level πŸ˜‚



Favourite Cover

Mafiosa – Catherine Doyle

I just finished this book earlier today so naturally it would also be my favourite colour. The colour scheme works, the very beautiful boy ❀ and I also love the props since they do symbolise specific points in the plot. I am hoping to have a review of this book for you guys soon because I need to get all of my emotions out on the table. There is so many!


I have to admit that this was such a nice tag. I got to share with you these beautiful covers in the hope that you like them too πŸ˜› Obviously there are other amazing covers out there in the world and I cannot wait until I find them and put them on my shelf… which reminds that I need to get another shelf soon 😳

What is your favourite book cover?

Thank you guys so much for reading,





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