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Favourite Books of 2016

Yes, another New Year themed post…

But I think it will be the last one 😊

Today (instead of using this time to study) I am going to show you guys my 10 favourite books from last year.

Most of them were not released last year but I just read them seeing as I only really discovered Fantasy in 2016. Most of them will also be general books that you may have seen on other peoples favourites lists but these books really stood out to me and I couldn’t not post about them!


If you don’t know how much I love this book by now then you obviously have not being keeping track πŸ˜› I love this series as a whole but there is just something about the first book that really stood out to me. I think it’s because I was new to the series and Meyer really just threw everything out on the table. Fantastic!





Phenomenal. I am such a huge fan of Morgan Rhodes and her Falling Kingdoms series so having this companion series with alternating worlds is such a treat. I am so addicted to the characters and the magic involved. I devoured this book and so want to read it again!





Who doesn’t have this book in their favourites? Such an amazing ending to the Six of Crows duology. Bardugo literally sucked me into this fabulous dark world. I honestly wasn’t sure about reading it at first but I was so entranced. I even met Bardugo a few months back and she is so wonderful! She also now knows about my obsession with Kaz… πŸ˜‚





This book changed my life! Okay, well it didn’t actually change my life but I had such a book hangover after reading this first book in the Remnant Chronicles. So freaking fantastic! I was addicted to the characters, the secrets, the plot development. The fact that there was a love triangle but it was done so right and not so clichΓ©. Just amazing!




Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 15.52.32❀ ❀ ❀ I don’t have one word that sums up how I feel about this book. I know everyone seems to have some sort of problem with this book but I really just loved it. From new ships to plot developments to Maas ripping my heart out and tearing it into pieces. I couldn’t get enough of it. I finally have answers to the questions that were building up throughout the series. It was so well planned out and it was just phenomenal. Whatever controversies there was, I didn’t listen to a single word because Maas has her own opinions of how her world is to be built.Β 



Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 16.25.58

I love Jenny Han and her fictional, yet still realistic, world. She made me fall in love with her characters and I really loved the diversity she brought with them. I also loved the concept of her missing love letters, I just thought it was adorable.Β 





Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 6.09.48 p.m.


Another Morgan Rhodes book ❀ I loved the fourth book in this series mainly because of a certain ship I have been hoping for throughout the series. It literally made my day knowing that what I really wanted for these two characters happened. As I mentioned before, I love the magic, the corruption within the Kingdoms and the fact that nobody is purely good. There is a little bit of bad or evil within everybody. 



Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 9.23.04 p.m.

First of all, I love Rainbow Rowell. She is such a sweetheart ❀ I remember reading this book January of last year. I remember because I was so sick and had exams the following week, but this book really cheered me up. I found the main character so east to relate to and Rowell really opened my eyes to the world of college and other people… if that makes sense. You might understand if you have read this book. Also Levi ❀ So cute!Β 



Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 12.16.03 a.m.This book is on so many favourite lists and I am not surprised because it was FREAKING FANTASTIC! I was entranced from the first page even though I know it took some people a while to get into it πŸ˜› I mean I was such a Tamlin fan and he just broke my heart. I love Rhys (like everybody) but I’m not a die-hard fan if you know what I mean (please don’t hate me!) Cassian is my favourite in this series and I would so love if Maas gave me some sort of companion book based on him, but I won’t dwell on it. Apart from characters, Maas’s writing was so beautiful and she has such a gift for weaving plots.Β 


Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 12.18.39 a.m.

I was going to put one of TMI books here but I realised that Lady Midnight topped them. I only began reading about Shadowhunters in December of 2015 so I haven’t been part of the community that long, but I really noticed Clare’s progress within her writing. She improved so much through the course of her two series but this book was amazing. Not only was the writing better, but her world which she created became better. We got to see somewhere totally new and she also covered the parabatai bond which is such a mystery to me. I fell in love with the Blackthorn family and cannot wait to read more about them!


There you have it folks! These are my 10 Favourite Books of 2016. I was so impressed with the books that I read last year and just blown away by the ones listed here. I can’t wait to see what will be on my list next year πŸ˜›

What are some of your favourite books of 2016?

Thanks so much for reading,





8 thoughts on “Favourite Books of 2016

  1. I’m glad to see this post. Makes my decision on which book to read next a bit easier πŸ™‚ I do have Lady Midnight checked out from the library. I also liked the Lunar Chronicles and Jenny Han’s books too. I need to read book 2 of six of crows & ACOTAR πŸ™‚

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