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December Wrap Up

Totally forgot that I had to do my December Wrap Up πŸ™„

Luckily I remembered because I read so many great and not so great books that I want to share with you.

Last month was more of a cramming read a long since I was trying to reach my goal, which I did thankfully. But amongst this rollercoaster of books, I really enjoyed a few and had a few 5* thrown in there too 😊

Breaking Rules:


“I needed an easy and fast paced read. I liked the plot and the idea of the way the drama would unfold but I found the compression of time annoying. I felt like Puckett could have extended the time range in the beginning. Apart from that this read dealt with other issues and I enjoyed it”

Breaking Walls:


“I liked this sequel to the first book. Dramatic, yes. Cute, yes. Mushy, yes. The second book was more about choices rather than the characters and I really liked the message Puckett conveyed.”


Β The Snake’s Pass,Β Bram Stoker:

“This book wasn’t so bad. I loved the beginning and got so excited when Stoker mentioned legends. I was disappointed to learn that the legends were not really central to the story-line. I loved the dialects Stoker uses and how he alters words to give them an Irish pronunciation. I enjoyed the characters too and the fact that the narrator spoke highly of the Irish landscape. Not a bad book but there were times where I was bored a little bit too.”


The Darkest Magic, Morgan Rhodes:

I did have a GoodReads Review for this but whatever it is about reviewing Morgan Rhodes books, GoodReads never saves them. I mean if you can’t tell from the rating that I loved it then I don’t know how else to convince you. It was freaking amazing! I remember reading it in one night, I was that invested. I got home from college and didn’t leave my room until I read the last word. I need the next book now please Rhodes!!!


Scent of Magic,Β Maria V. Snyder:

“That ending better not be what I think it is! Loved the second book in this trilogy. Not as good as the first one though. I missed the relationship between Avery and Kerrick. The atmosphere seemed so much more serious than the first book but I did like the character development. And some of the plot twists had me rereading just to make sure I read them right the first time.”


The Roaring Girl,Β Thomas Dekker and Thomas Middleton:Β 

No review again.. but I did enjoy this play. It was confusing in some scenes but once I pulled up a summary log, everything clicked into place and was actually quite humorous.

Cinder,Β Marissa Meyer:


I am so mad at myself right now…
I loved this book. The characters, the plot, the futuristic time period and the diversity of having a culture totally different than to ones I always read about. I was so unsure about cyborgs and androids when I was reading the synopsis. I don’t read a lot about that but I was pleasantly surprised that I fell in love with it. I also loved how Meyer stuck to the original fairytale. Like I know she tweaked it but there are still so many elements and moments that originate from Cinderella and Meyer did a fantastic job of incorporating this fairytale into her own. I want to learn so much more about Lunars and where Cinder’s discovery will take her.”



“Meyer did it again.”

This is all that was saved of my review! Anyway, amazing sequel to the first book. New ship which I adored. Meyer really develops her characters so well and it was wonderful learning about these new characters but also still keeping track with old characters. Plot development was fantastic and I just love this series ❀


“I absolutely love that ending ❀ I have been waiting for it since the end of Cinder. I enjoyed this book so much and loved getting to know new characters and seeing how former characters developed. I also have a new ship ❀ But Wolf </3 You have no idea how bad I felt when he was mentioned. Meyer just has this fantastic gift. The way she manipulates the original stories to make them something more and actually frightening if it was in real life. I also love her use of different cultures and additions of so many multiple perspectives. She lays the story out so carefully but it all works so well. The reason this book was 5* was because of Scarlet’s plot 3 I would have loved to have seen her personality shine through everything, but either way, Meyer did a fantastic job as usual.”


Volpone,Β Ben Jonson:

“This play was not as bad as I was expecting it to be. I actually enjoyed the humour Volpone brought to the play and Mosca’s plotting and scheming. However I was confused about the plot but I understand the overall gist of what happened.”

And that is my December Wrap Up. A lot of books I enjoyed, some not so much. I actually had so much fun taking this month to catch up on my reading since I wasn’t really reading too much beforehand. I felt like I was back to normal πŸ˜›

What did you read last month?

Thank you so much for reading,





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