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Christmas Shopping Antics

For all my hype about Christmas and my excitement for the holiday, the one thing I hate about Christmas is shopping…

I don’t like shopping generally. Like I don’t mind it but prefer to spend my money on books πŸ˜› So when Christmas comes up and I have to buy presents that aren’t books then that makes me sad πŸ˜‚

Online shopping is usually the way I go because I don’t have to battle my way through the crowds but I am just so unorganised this year and had to do exactly that. It was horrible…

Roads are busy, queues are so long and I am just so impatient, people love stopping in the middle the centre and blocking up everyone. I usually zip through the crowds but when there is so many people with prams, kids and loads of bags, it’s not possible.

I did make the conscious decision to leave early this morning and beat the afternoon / evening rush which was a bonus.

Now all I want to do is watch Christmas movies and eat lot’s of shortbread, but I have to go back out for more shopping and start an essay 😫

So I feel like this little post was more of a rant than anything else and I am sorry about that πŸ˜› but I know not all people like shopping. Everything is so crazy at Christmas and although that kind of makes the holiday, the fact that everybody is out buying their presents, its stressful πŸ˜‚

Am I the only one who feels this way about Christmas shopping?

How is your shopping coming along? Have you got all your presents wrapped and under the tree?

Thanks for reading my rant,



7 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping Antics

  1. I absolutely loathe shopping, even online shopping is exhausting 😞. I am always price checking and double guessing myself. My husband is also the hardest person on earth to shop for, making my life very difficult. I have nothing done yet either.

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  2. I don’t like holidays in general, except getting to stay home from work or school. It’s that pressure that people want to receive presents that makes me feel tired to go find what I think they may like. I rather shop whenever I want at my own time and when I want it. hehe… A legitimate rant πŸ™‚ Good luck to your shopping!

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  3. I understand where you’re coming from. I feel the same sometimes. I usually like shopping as long as there’s not a huge crowd. Which happens around Christmas. So I’ve gotten NO Christmas shopping done yet! πŸ˜‚

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