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Top Ten Reasons Why I Am Thankful For Books | Top Ten Tuesday

Weekly meme created byΒ The Broke and the Bookish.

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about Top Ten Tuesdays! I really love this meme πŸ˜›

I am in the mood for being thankful so this week’s theme really suits me right now πŸ™‚

Ok so here are my reasons why I am thankful for books!

  1. I hate reality and books create a whole other world.
  2. I may hate reality but books also have that corruptive / realistic element that makes me remember that there is something worth fighting for… deep :
  3. Fictional guys are hot πŸ˜‚
  4. I become immersed in a book so easily that it becomes soothing and relaxing.
  5. I sleep better when I read, otherwise my mind overthinks every aspect in my life and I have the worst night’s sleep.
  6. I like magic and magical elements because I never want to grow up!
  7. I love getting an insight into the craziness that goes on inside author’s heads, especially fantasy writers.
  8. Fictional love is so much cuter in books.
  9. Anything is possible in the fictional world, reality just consists of opportunities on moving to the next stage of your life.
  10. I get to read about amazing characters and discuss them with you guys. I get to meet new people at panels and signings and I get to fangirl over people who are’t real πŸ™‚

So yes, I realise most of my reasons really just relate to the first point. Reality is boring and exhausting and it just sucks the life right out of you πŸ˜› But in fictional worlds, there is always so much more going on.

These are also really deep reasons but I really don’t know what would keep me sane if I didn’t have books πŸ™‚

Sorry this post was short and sweet but I need to read before I go to sleep because I have no other time πŸ˜›

They are my top ten reasons why I am thankful for books?

Why are you thankful for books?

Thanks for reading guys,

Pierina Reads ❀




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