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Little Update

Hey guys!!!

Sorry I haven’t been around much lately. I was in Edinburgh for the weekend (more on that soon), I’ve been working and I got a new laptop so trying to transfer everything and getting iCloud to work has been challenging:P

I have been trying to post but my wifi is bad because the weather is bad (country life) and none of my photos will upload, so hopefully that will be better tomorrow when I’m in college and I can use that wifi.

Once this week is over, I can relax a little bit (another essay) and get back to my reading (I’m in a slump πŸ˜’) and maybe some writing and Christmas movies… I’m not even going to think about exams for a little while πŸ˜›

Anyway, how has your Monday been?

Thanks for reading,

Pierina Reads ❀


9 thoughts on “Little Update

  1. I want a Mac Book so bad! My laptop now is an HP and it’s a couple years old so it’s kinda slow. I have Apple everything else (iPad, iPhone) so I would love to get a Mac Book and be able to connect ALL of my devices. Which color did you get?

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      1. They are expensive, but it’d definitely be worth it! Rose Gold is pretty! I’ve got the Gold iPad and Silver iPhone. I’d probably either get Gold or Silver for the MacBook. I want one so, so bad!! Good thing Christmas is right around the corner πŸ˜‰πŸŽ‰

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