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Celebrating The Little Things Tag

Hey guys!!

Long time no talk 😛 I’m sorry I haven’t posted or chatted to you guys in a while. College deadlines are catching up to me and making me miserable so I haven’t had the time. I am literally writing this post to get away from my frustrations of writing an essay 😛

I was tagged by the wonderful Eliza @ Dusk Angel Reads, thank you so much ❤ When I was reading your post I knew it would be perfect to get away from the books for a while 😀

Who was your very first follower (if you can find out)? Tag them and give them a shout!

Kate @ Travel Far Eat Well Thank you for being my very first follower ❤

What was the last milestone you reached?

200 BLOG POSTS! I’ve published that many posts? 😳  That’s crazy!

What was the very first post you posted on your blog? Share it with us, if you can find out!

That was so long ago now!!! But I have it right here: Hello World! It took me so long to scroll through all of those links 😂

Who was your most recent follower? Tag them and give them a shout!

Jojo @ Awesome Books Today Thank you so much for being my most recent follower 😘

What was the last post you posted and who was the first person who took their time to click the like button? Give them a shout out!)

The Winter Wonderland Tag | Book Tag Thank you Vivian @ Writing With Style for being the first person to like my most recent post ❤

How many months have you been blogging for?

1 year and 7 months I think… something like that 😛 Wow, how long! Thank goodness I did though!

Do you have any bloggers you’re friends with? Give them a shout out!

Not really, I mean I have chats with some of you on here and on Twitter but Meg @ Book Slayer Reads always likes and comments on my posts and I just wanted to thank you Meg for your support ❤

Who originally created the last meme or tag you participated in? Give them a shout out!

Hey Renuka @ Past Bedtime Blog and Lia @ Imaginary Places on Paper! You guys were the last people who creates my most recent tag!

Have you any social media related to your blog?

I sure do, who doesn’t!





You can find these on my sidebar if you are too lazy to click the buttons 😛

I Tag:

Cate @ Midnight Biblioblog

Niraja @ Fantastic Books and Where to Find Them

Jasmine @ How Useful It Is

Sammi @ One Bookish Girl

Lu @ Girl Who Reads blog

YOU ❤ ❤ ❤

Yay! I really loved this post ❤ Less about books I know but more about thanking these people who support my blog and I hope in turn that I support you all enough too 🙂

Thanks again Eliza for the tag, you really took my mind of life for a little while ❤

How are you guys doing?

Thanks so much for reading,

Pierina Reads ❤

(My contact details are up below, I’m too lazy to put in the links again :P)


19 thoughts on “Celebrating The Little Things Tag

  1. Thank you for the shout out! You’re so welcome. I love your blog and you can always talk to me, if you need to. I had no idea you have been blogging for that long! If you want to be featured on my new Intro/Advice series called “Saturday Special”, give me a shout on Twitter and we can discuss it! Love this tag, by the way! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I can’t wait to have a track record of 200 blog posts, Thats awesome. It’s also cool after a year + of blogging being able to go back and reminisce through all your old posts (such as finding your very first post) awesome!

    xo, JJ

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh i know, its so awesome to compare and contrast. I used to keep a journal way back when like in my teen years and when I went back to read it- it was almost cringeworthy and I was just like “why did I ever say that” haha but now as an adult going back and reading past posts is actually gratifying!

        Liked by 1 person

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