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The Winter Wonderland Tag | Book Tag

Hello, hello, hello.

I have been tagged by the wonderful Lia @ Imaginary Places on Paper to do this tag she created along with Renuka @ Past Bedtime Blog. So thanks guys <<

© Showpo

Do You Like The Cold?

YES! Ok so that may seen weird to some of you but I love the cold. I get to wear layers and drink hot drinks and snuggle with my blankets when I read. It’s great really.

Favourite Part About Winter

Christmas obviously… I finally get to decorate my room and house with all things Christmas! Oh and I get to stay indoors without people judging me 😛

© World Market

Does It Snow Where You Live?

Does it snow in Ireland? Sometimes. Some years we can have really bad snow and other years there would not be any. I love having snow on Christmas but now that I am driving this year I am kind of dreading it 😛

Favourite Clothing Item In Winter?

Usually knit jumpers, but I have been loving sweatshirts lately. They are so comfortable and baggy and you can dress them up with some jeans and a scarf. I feel like I’m putting in some effort when really I’m not 😀

© Mid Winter Dream

Your Favourite Winter Memory?

I really don’t know… um… Ice skating with my family about two years ago. It was my very first time and I had no clue what I was doing. I didn’t fall but I came close a few times 😛

Favourite Hot Drink?

HOT CHOCOLATE! I love hot chocolate ❤ I have been buying hot chocolate since the beginning of August 😛

Best Winter Book To Read Curled Up In A Blanket?

Ohhhh… I don’t really know. I don’t really have a book dedicated to Winter. But I would choose Harry Potter, A Torch Against the Night or Falling Kingdoms… that’s more than one but there you 😀

Best Winter Movie To Watch?

Well all through out November and December, I watch Christmas 24 ❤ But I also love watching Narnia too!

Do You Do Any Winter Sports?

NO! Me and sports of any kind do not work well… at all. I’ll watch them but not participate I’m afraid. Although I do really want to go skiing at some point in my life 🙂


Favourite Christmas / Holiday / New Year Tradition?

I don’t think we have any Christmas traditions in our house, apart from putting up the Christmas tree and decorations… oh wait! We do!!! We buy a huge box of Ferrero Rocher and devour it 😂

But I always spend New Years with my best friend , Saoirse, who moved to Sligo for college so New Years is our tradition ❤

I Tag:

Jackie @ Death by Tsundoku

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That’s it for this tag! Thank you so much Lia, I really enjoyed your questions ❤

What are some of your favourite things about Winter?

Thanks for reading,

Pierina Reads ❤




13 thoughts on “The Winter Wonderland Tag | Book Tag

  1. Thank you for Tagging me!!! I know I’m not very good at keeping track of the Tags and Awards I’ve been tagged to do but I am making a list in order to get everything done!!! And besides I love Winter!!!!

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