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All About Halloween | Top Ten Tuesday

Weekly meme created by The Broke and The Bookish!

So this week is a Halloween / scary theme and if you have been reading my blog for a while now you know that I don’t do horror… At all :/

I really creep myself out but nonetheless, I love the atmosphere of Halloween and the fact that you can be whoever you want to be for a night and eat all the junk food you want.

So because I don’t read horror / scary books or even watch any shows, I am just going to recommend everything that gets me in the Halloween / Autumn mood!


1. Pumpkins

This is basically a key ingredient for Halloween. Once I see a pumpkin, I am just instantly ready. I bought one last year to carve but didn’t I go and forget I had one and it basically just rotted until I smelled something funny and remembered… It was not pretty you guys 🙄

© Barneys New York

2. Warm Layers of Clothing

One of my favourite seasons is Autumn because I get to wear my sweatshirts and knit jumper (ok so I wear them all year round :P) When I begin to layer my clothes, I know Autumn is coming which means Halloween is just around the corner.

© Some Pinterest Picture

3. Hot Drinks

This is a necessity people! I need my hot chocolate… or coffee, but mainly hot chocolate! I know a pumpkin spiced latte is the new trend but I have never tried one… do they even sell them in Ireland? I really don’t know. But if it works for you then great!

© imdb

4. Dark Films

So no horrors, but definitely thrillers or even those movies where you don’t really know what’s going on and someone turns out to be a psychopath… The Addams Family is always once of my choices. Or Harry Potter. It has a dark element to the movies (but they are mainly my Christmas picks). I also tend to watch light Halloween movies like Hotel Transylvania or Scary Movie because they are funny movies about scary things… does that make sense?

5. Costume / Makeup DIY Videos

I work most Halloweens so I never really get to do the dressing up part. But! I do love watching tutorials on YouTube for makeup ideas. If you also like this then I recommend Tess Christine on YouTube. Juliet @ Not Capulet also has some tips and tutorials on her blog!

6. Buying Sweets

I just love trick or treaters. When Mam gets her packs of sweets and little goodie bags then you just know Halloween is here. I used to love stealing my sisters sweets and telling them one of the other sisters took them 😛 I was so mean. Ok but can I just say that I never saw the point in handing out apples and other fruit to kids on Halloween! I mean if you like fruit, sure, but no!

7. Fireworks

Yes I know fireworks are illegal in Ireland, but I don’t use them! When I was in school, kids would set them off in the bins… Now kids like to scare the crap out of people in the centre that I work in by setting of fireworks. That is the one thing I hate about them, but they are a sign that Halloween is here.

8. Christmas 24

This is going to sound so strange but Christmas 24 gets me in a Halloween mood. Yes I watch those sappy movies even though the acting is not that great. Christmas 24 usually starts a day or two before Halloween, so when I see the advertisements, I just get so excited about Christmas 24 but I have to get through Halloween first!

9. Decorations

What would Halloween be without them? Minus the spider webs (I am petrified of spiders) I love the decorations. My uncle goes all out for Halloween and his house just looks so amazing and creepy! It’s insane 😀

10. Kids

Kids are just adorable on Halloween. Their costumes, their makeup, their little knock on the door for sweets. It’s just so cute! My neighbours used to make us sing and it was literally like pulling teeth! But we did it for the good of our hungry bellies demanding sweets 😛

There you have it! My top ten things that get my in the Halloween mood! What are some of your Halloween traditions?

Are you dressing up this year?

Thanks so much for reading,

Pierina Reads ❤




8 thoughts on “All About Halloween | Top Ten Tuesday

  1. It’s so nice to have some things to mark your Halloween!! I agree with the warm clothes and hot drinks,they remind me that autumn is here but where I live we don’t celebrate Halloween and I’m a little sad so I just watch it through the Internet…🍁🍁🍁

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