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Characters I Would Name My Kids | Top Ten Tuesday

Weekly meme created by The Broke and the bookish!

This is actually such a good theme! I really have to think about this…

Well my sisters and I have made a pact since we were small that all of our children would have Italian names to continue on the family tradition so this is going to be a bit harder 😛


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Celaena – Yes I love Celaena but I also really love this name. Taking a step back, I really feel like Celaena Sardothien was such an inspirational character in the first two books before things really kicked off. Don’t get me wrong I still love her, but I just love what she stood for and how she was a girl who climbed the ladder to being the most feared.

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Isabelle – Pretty much similar to my last name. Isabel’s character is so strong and courageous, she is full on bad-ass and really is such an inspiration for young female readers out there. She is confused, doesn’t know what she wants but stays true to herself… not to mention her sass! Also Isabella is one of my Italian names so it’s close enough 😛


Sophia – I really think this is such a pretty name in general. I also loved this character. She really had a plan for her life and fought and worked so hard for what she has until her plans change. Yes because of a guy, but isn’t that what happens sometimes? I can really relate to that change in life plans. i had my life mapped out for college and possibly my direction after but that all changed after my first year when I didn’t like my course.


Savannah – I have always loved this name ❤ I named my very first guitar Savannah 😀 Back to the character, Savannah is sweet and caring. The most unique trait I saw in this character was her well-being towards others. She treated Alan and John’s father with nothing but respect and normalcy. I loved her patience and how she dealt with people around her.

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Tessa – Finding her way around a new city and living a new life is really hard. Tessa really overcomes this and just fits in with this new amazing, demon-fighting family. Her will to help others and really put her life on the line expresses the bravery she holds. Women, especially in this period, were classed as lower subjects who are only useful for wives. Tessa steps out of those boundaries and proves that a woman can save the day.

So basically these female names are really all about female empowerment!


Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 18.15.15

Nic / Nicoli – First of all his origins are within the Italian mafia so… 😂  Second of all, I fell in love with Nic in Vendetta and I know things have changed within the second book but I am still fighting for him!


Kaz – Why the heck not? Okay that is not a reason 😛 Apart from his god-awful obsession with revenge I love Kaz’s compassionate side. I know we didn’t get to see it much but when Leigh brought out this side of him, I really had so much respect for him as a person who has been traumatized and lives with anger.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 00.58.40

Chaol – Literally the first time I saw this name when I was reading this series, I know I would love the character. I would be so happy if my child was named after this fantastic character. He had so much respect for Celaena when he really came to know her and even before then. Yes she was a prisoner but I would be sceptical too. He gave her the push she needed to fight for her freedom. Throughout this series, you really do see all sides of him. His courage, his vulnerability, intellectual but also just his loving personality. His bond with Dorian is brotherly and caring.


Ben – I know I said that I really didn’t connect with this character in the first book… But things have changed. Ben really proved himself in my eyes. The main reason why I would name my son after this character in his ability to learn to leave no man behind. It is a unique and favourable quality to have.


Dean – Freaking love Dean! Dean is so very troubled and I feel so sympathetic towards him. He just doubts himself constantly but not in his job. He somehow manages to keep his job and private life separate even in the second book! He really learns to move past his childhood and realise that he cannot define himself by it. I really thought that was not inspirational but so empowering as a person to jump through this big massive hurdle.

There you have it! These are the top 10 characters I would name my kids after. They each express empowerment, compassionate loving qualities and a little bit of sass. This does not mean I will be having 10 kids! No, no, no, no…

What characters would you name your kids after, or have you already named your child after one?

Thank you so much for reading,

Pierina Reads ❤




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