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When The Weekend Ends…


This is my face come Sunday night. This is my face right now.

Don’t you just hate when the weekend comes to an end?

Unless you are that kind of person who loves weekdays and gets stuck into their work. If you are, let me just say that I admire your motivation ❀

I am only one week back at college and am just so tired 😣 . The actual work hasn’t even started yet!

I am a night owl / late riser. Never have been a morning person and probably never will. But fate has decided against me this year and now I am forced to adapt and change my night owl ways. I HAVE TO BECOME A MORNING OWL 😭 .

How do you morning people do it? You know what you deserve this


This is more of a rant/update post because I am too lazy to actually prepare a half decent post… My life motivation right there people!

I am just waiting not so patiently for all my pre-orders on Book Depository… I NEED CROOKED KINGDOMS RIGHT NOW! And not to mention my many novels and plays for college this year. I just have a feeling my brain will be on overload with all this reading for English. Wish me luck πŸ€

Okay I just need to throw something out here… CHRISTMAS IS 3 MONTHS AWAY AND HALLOWEEN HASN’T EVEN GONE YET! Sorry, lost my cool there for a moment. I have heard so much about Christmas this past weekend and I am just getting so annoyed. If you read my blogmas posts last year then you know I am a huge fan of Christmas. But it is too early!!! I repeat too early!!!

OH! One thing I did do this weekend that I am very proud of was reorganise my bookshelf! All the while my sister was in the background trying to see if she could get a book or two πŸ˜› I am so happy of my growing pile ❀ ❀


You have no idea how satisfying it is to reorganise<3 I have so many books coming and actually need a new shelf… Mam is going to kill me 😳 .

Yep sorry if this post was boring, you’ll just have to deal with it really πŸ˜›

What did you guys get up to this weekend?

Are any of you just exhausted after the week you Β just had? I’m sure many of you are…

Ok well it is currently 10:30 and I am going to go read me some Harry Potter before bed… Because that is a great way to spend my weekend… Who am I kidding, it is! πŸ˜‚

Thanks for reading guys,

Pierina Reads ❀


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