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Back To College Stationery Haul

Hello, hello, hello πŸ˜€

Most of you are already back to school and I know colleges are starting now if they haven’t already.

I thought I would do a little stationery haul in honour of going back to college next week. I am also that person who loves stationery πŸ˜€ It is my favourite section when I go into Eason, bar the YA section πŸ˜›

Minus text books and a lot of novels I will have to get, I picked up some essentials over the summer.


I adore this notebook ❀ Purchased in Chapters/Indigo when I was in Canada. It is so pretty and I just love the encouragement on the cover. I will mainly use this for my writing as in characters and plot ideas.


Next up is this little pattern notebook I picked up in the Maynooth University Bookshop. I needed something small and easy to carry around for blog ideas. I have so many ideas that I need to write down and what a better way to have my blog organised πŸ™‚


I LOVE LOVE LOVE ❀ Aren’t they just adorable πŸ™Š Β I got these in Heatons for a good price πŸ˜€ I wanted something for my notes in college. I mainly type out all of my notes and print them when I need them during revisions times, but I am that person who needs to write down her points when she revising and studying.


A filing folder from Eason. Now that I am getting older and paying things on my own, I get a lot of formal papers from the bank, receipts, college documents. I had them in a little pocket folder but they were just thrown in there. I can be a neat freak and needed something with organisation. This is perfect for sorting out my life πŸ˜‚


❀ ❀ ❀ I just love this little pencil case. It is small and so easy to put in your bag without it getting in the way too much. It is perfect for the few pens and pencils I need for college. I I also picked this up at Chapters/Indigo when I was in Canada πŸ˜€


My hole-puncher broke :/ and I needed a new one.

Am I the only person who lives these bic multi-coloured pens? I always use these, throughout primary and secondary school and am still going strong throughout college. They are just so handy for note-taking.


Some document wallets which are perfect for separating different subjects and modules. And subject dividers for my big college folder. There is nothing more satisfying when everything is colour coded πŸ˜‚

Last but not least, this cute little weekly diary. Mam actually got me this for Christmas last year and I never used it. So I’m using it now πŸ˜› As you can see, the planner is on the right. And on the left is sticky notes, an envelope for holding papers in and a little to-do/note-taking section.

And that is my little stationery haul πŸ˜€ I hope you enjoyed this little post. It’s a little something different but also universal to all of you going to school and college. And who doesn’t love stationery? πŸ˜›

Are you back to school/college?

What are some of your essentials?

Thanks for reading,

Pierina Reads ❀




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