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It’s Here, It’s Here, It’s Here… Also Stranger Things

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Most of you can probably guess what it is that I am excited about 😀

EMPIRE OF STORMS IS FINALLY HERE!!!! (Just imagine me doing a happy dance… I actually did when I saw it in the store)


My poor family are so sick of me talking about my excitement for EOS. Jokes on them they think I’m going to  shut up… sorry to break it to you fam but I will just keep talking about how amazing it is once I’m finished 😛

So I needed something to pass the time yesterday. After the trivia questions and quizzes I decided to finally get myself together and watch Stranger Things.

I’m just going to thank my bae, Kevin, or you may know him as Irish Reader on YouTube, because he was mainly the one to make me watch this show and oh my god it was so amazing.

Don’t get me wrong, I freaked myself out so many times but it was still one of the most mind blowing shows I have ever watched. I just don’t know how to feel </3 I am just going to wait patiently for Stranger Things 2…

But seriously, this show was so well laid out and the actors were just fantastic, especially the kids. For such young actors they did such a wonderful job and I cannot wait to see what the next season will bring!

Okay… now on to the whole reason behind this post!

THIS IS SO EXCITING, THIS IS SO EXCITING, THIS IS SO EXCITING 😀 I should really count the number of times I’ve said “exciting” in this post 😛 Along with EOS, Eason gave me a free double-sided map and TOG mug courtesy of Department 51.


So this is the UK edition which is so so so pretty ❤ I love it! One day I will also own the US editions of this entire series and I will be complete.

I also got this map free with the book. It is a double-sided map. Erilea is obviously going to on show whilst I read EOS ❤

ACOTAR’s map occupies the other side which will be on show when ACOTAR 3 is being released 🙂 This is such a brilliant idea and now it sits proudly on my wall ❤



Ain’t she a beaut? This is so pretty. I love the colours, the quote and the design. Can’t wait to drink my tea tonight 😛

The double-sided map and mug came free upon purchasing EOS. Department 51 and Eason have them in stock. For more information on available stores, click here.

This was such an exciting day for me and thank you Mammy for listening to me and laughing at my happy dance ❤

Have you guys got your copy yet?

“Exciting’ score: 7 😂

Thanks for reading,

Pierina Reads ❤





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