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Empire of Storms Countdown

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I don’t know if any of you have noticed, or if you are new to my blog, but I recently added a Book Release Countdown to my sidebar. And right now EOS is up there.

It currently says 18 hours because I have it set to 9:00 am since that’s when book stores tend to open.



I can’t wait. I am just so excited and have put my current read on hold so I can prepare myself for this.

I don’t know about anyone else but I feel like I am not going to leave my room until I have read this book even though it will take me night and day.

I am so ready for this!!!


I just know that my mind will be blown, my heart torn into pieces and so many feels that I may just explode before I finish reading it.

To pass the time, I will more than likely be listening to Queen of Shadows audiobook, doing some TOG tags, watching so many SJM videos.

Piera Forde actually did a Month of Maas which I really enjoyed. She currently has three videos dedicated to TOG. Trivia, quotes and predictions which I will leave linked for you.

Who Said That?

Empire Of Storms Predictions

Trivia Challenge

I enjoyed these so much and Piera is basically Queen of TOG! Play along while you watch too 🙂

I really hope you all have a nice peaceful day before we are all crying and tearing our hair out tomorrow and for the next few days 😛

Thanks for reading guys and enjoy EOS!

Pierina Reads ❤






7 thoughts on “Empire of Storms Countdown

  1. I’m so excited!! I’m in Australia and its already Tuesday here which means it’s realised, however I’m not letting myself read it until Saturday, because I have an exam that morning and I know I won’t get any study done if I’m reading EOS. My preorder should arrive soon so it’s going to be torture having it sit there while I’m not allowed to read it!!

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