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Yes I realised these past few previous posts are mainly me repeating my books for the month, but I realised I haven’t done a Favourites post in a while :/ I wanted to get back into them.

If you are new here then all this is is me choosing my top three books I liked the best from I have read this past month… did that make sense?

I’m going to make this short and sweet for you to just scroll through and get on with your day 😛


1. The Wrath & The Dawn – Renée Ahdeih 

I am going to include The Rose & The Dagger with this too. This story, although it is a retelling, is so unique and beautiful. I became so invested in the characters, especially Khalid 😉

2. The Star-Touched Queen – Roshani Chokshi 

This is following on from no.1. I had the chance to read about a different culture in the past few months, and found it so interesting. This culture difference really shines through in this book and the strong belief in Gods, marriage and horoscopes. Not to mention how beautifully written it was. horoscopes has such a talent for writing and I was blown away with this book.

3. A Book Of Spirits And Thieves – Morgan Rhodes

I love Morgan and her books. Falling Kingdoms is in my top YA Fantasy list. I mentioned yesterday how I was surprised by this book and I really was. I thought it was an insight into the life before Magnus and Cleo, which I now know is another series to come hopefully. Anyway, I loved the modern aspect Morgan brought into this series. It is a different change in scenery to fantasy and she still includes this magical kingdom which I adore.

That is it for this month’s favourites. I love these cute little posts that you can quickly scroll through. I love most of the books I read and tend not to have like favourites as in this is the ultimate book/series and nothing compares because I love most books and their authors. But these books are just the ones I enjoyed most this month 🙂

What are your favourite books you have read this month, or just in general?

Thanks so much for reading guys,

Pierina Reads ❤




4 thoughts on “AUGUST FAVOURITES

  1. TWATD is the best! ❤ I love that book so much it seems I include it on almost all my list :') it's so beautiful! I also agree with you about Start Touched Queen in term of beautiful diverse culture and beautiful prose, but I honestly wasn't a fan of it because I thought the plot and characterizations were plain. Sorry :') but I'm also looking forward to its sequel A Crown of Wishes!


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