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If Fictional Worlds Were Real…

We would pretty much all be screwed 😛

Today I am bringing you a post that is a little bit different. As Fictional YA continues to grow and grow and more insanely talented authors create mystical and thrilling worlds, I was thinking about how all of them are just so much more interesting than our very own reality.


So, I went on the net 😛 and completed some quizzes to find out exactly who I would be or where I would belong in some of my favourite fictional worlds.

What Throne Of Glass Character Are You?

I got Chaol ❤

“He’s a selfish but loyal captain who is devoted to his job, but can get up to trouble”

Ok I really don’t think that’s me, but Chaol is my soulmate 🙂

giphy (2)

Which Mortal Instruments Character Are You?


“You are caring, kind, and of course a werewolf 😀 You are fatherly and always look out for those you love but you can be a vicious fighter. Once you love someone you don’t let go.”

Well I do love werewolves ❤ I am going to take the fatherly comment as loving and caring 😛

Which Court Do You Belong To?

Day Court.

“You’re a book-loving brainiac who thinks innovatively and loves to learn, which makes Day Court your ideal home. But, while your love of learning is praiseworthy, and you put your knowledge to great use, don’t neglect your emotional and physical needs and, most importantly, remember to make time for your friends.”

Yep this is me…

Which Divergent Faction Are You?


“Truth is a shining beacon in the gloom of ignorance, and sometimes it seems like only you can see it. Lying doesn’t come easy for you. You wouldn’t want it to, and you tend to know when others are being dishonest. Truth is beauty while deception, no matter how small, can lead to ruin”

This was so inspirational. But yes I do hate dishonesty for the wrong reasons.

Which Hunger Games Character Are You?

Katniss Everdeen…

“Tough and capable, no one would ever doubt your ability to persevere, especially out in the wild. You care deeply about the people closest to you and fear losing them, but you still value your alone time. Moral integrity and independence are two of your core values. Social events probably aren’t your favourite thing. You prefer intimate settings, or even some alone time with nature”

I was shocked I got this but the description does match me to a tee!

giphy (3)

Which Maze Runner Character Are You?


“You watch over your friends, the few you didn’t annoy to death. You’re observant but not brave. Loyal and funny. Your are anything, but a man of few words.”

I love Chuck ❤

Which Character From The 5th Wave Are You?

Evan Walker ❤

Another soul mate ❤ ❤ ❤ I just finished reading The Last Star yesterday and was heartbroken….
giphy (4)

One question… why do I have more male characters than female? Anywho! I hope you enjoyed this little post as much as i enjoyed completing these quizzes.

Each title is a link that brings you into the quizzes so let me know your answers!

Thanks for reading,

Pierina Reads ❤


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