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So I’ve been taking a huge break from even trying to write anything. Like for months I haven’t written anything!

Don’t get me wrong, I was itching to but I just felt my ideas at the time were not going to blossom and I would be left with a scene or two.

I think that over the summer, I have just become lazy and more focused on my reading that I didn’t even want to write. So even though I had planned to work on some ideas after college, I didn’t do a thing.

Then one night while I was away I had an idea. I didn;t do anything about it though. But for the past few weeks this idea has been taunting me and along with that one idea came others until I created a list of characters and an opening outline.

Now I have a broader outline, my main characters and side characters, an opening and more plans for further into the story.

I usually stick with the usual contemporary, however, my growing love for YA Fantasy has encouraged me to try something new. I am in the midst of writing a fantasy story including magic, mythical lands and dark forces. You know the usual…

I have been really excited about this for a while now and decided to give in to my urges to get this written. I am basically word vomiting all over the place just trying to get everything onto the page before I forget it.

I even showed my prologue/synopsis to my friend and he loved it, which just encouraged me more to create this story.

I am just excited to get over my writing slump/block and let me creative juices flow. If you would like to read my prologue/synopsis, let me know. I would love your feedback 🙂

Thanks for reading,

Pierina Reads ❤

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