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Travel Plans

I feel like travelling is something that almost everybody enjoys. I know I do… once I get through the airports.

The older I get, the more of the world I want to see. I have these plans to visit countries and experience things that are totally different.

Ireland may be beautiful and scenic but there is not a whole lot to do.

I want to see America and Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Japan is on my list too. Switzerland and Sweden, Finland too! Make my way to Denmark and leap to Greece. Malta if I’m lucky. Land in Italy, the home of ancestors and discover the place my great grandparents grew up. Last but not least, the scenic routes of Ireland, perhaps a road trip?

I am pretty sure that almost everyone has made plans to travel at some points in their lives. Mine grows and grows.

What’s some of your travel plans?

Pierina Reads ❤




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