June Wrap Up

Sorry guys I know this post is a little late! I have been busy since I finished up college between work and travelling, but I found some time right now to update you guys! This reading month was good but not my best. Let’s get straight into it:

1. Snow Like Ashes – Sara Raasch. I really liked the start of this series. It was interesting and captivating from the beginning. Raasch kept everything mysterious and hidden until she hit you all at once with her plot twists. 

2. Ice Like Fire – Sara Raasch. Such a good second book! It was a little bit slow but I think most of the scenes were necessary for the readers to understand Meira as a character and how she develops from the beginning. 

3. Blue Lily, Lily Blue – Maggie Stiefvator. I loved this third book. Maggie just created this whole captivating, mysterious series that I am obsessed about. The characters just become so known to you that you really want everything to turn out right. 

4. The Raven King – Maggie Stiefvator. I FREAKING LOVED THIS SERIES! WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE HOW HAPPY I AM ABOUT THAT ENDING! If you couldn’t tell… this book was really one of my favourites. 

5. Six Of Crows – Leigh Bardugo. I really wasn’t sure about this book. I just didn’t think I was going to like it and that it was totally different than my normal reads… BOY WAS I WRONG! WOW! I loved the tension, character relationships, characters themselves, plot twists and world building. I need the next book now!

6. Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard. I was so excited about reading this book when I started it and I just loved it. I was hooked within the first chapter. I loved getting to know these new characters and watching them grow. Victoria’s plot twists were so amazing. There was a few times when I guessed something that I just prayed would not be true. 

7. Zenith – Sasha Alsburg & Lindsay Cummings. I feel so proud of Sasha and Lindsay on their first book together. Sasha was the first booktuber I stumbled upon and I have watched her videos ever since. Part 1 of Zenith was amazing! It was tense, captivating and so not like other plot lines in the charts at the moment. This path of space pirates is really refreshing to read something different. 

That is my June Wrap Up. If you want more detailed reviews they are all on my GoodReads!

What books did you guys read last month?

Thanks for reading,

Pierina Reads ❤

GoodReads: pierinac12


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