Meeting Cassie | April Update

Where have I been for the past month? Nowhere… I have been too busy with work, college and being lazy in general to dedicate time to this blog. That sounds so terrible, I know. The good news is I have read some fun books and met Cassandra Clare. The bad news is I have been sick all last week which really knocked me off my routine… not that I had one before anyway.

Summer is coming in fast and I wanted to get back to blogging because I do love to share book stuff with you all. This is just a general post so sorry if it bores you!

I do have some exciting news. As you know, I attended the Cassandra Clare book signing and Q&A last week in Dublin. It was so amazing to meet Cassie, she is such a nice person in general… and she loves my name!!!!! I was so amazed at the massive turnout. It was completely booked out! I went along with one of my very good friends, Kevin, or to most of you TheIrishReader. He has posted a vlog on his YouTube channel, so click here to watch it! It was a great day out, despite all the waiting, and I managed to pick up a few books too.

I am not going to bore you with anything else about my absence this month. Just know that I will be posting more!

Thanks for reading,

Pierina Reads ❤


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