Bookworm’s Pet Peeves

Well hello there! I have been inspired to do this post by SophiesSeries over on YouTube (I watch too much YouTube 😶) Click here to view her channel. Anyway she recently did a video about things that annoy book nerds, so I decided to kind of elaborate on it. Just a little disclaimer: this will mainly be me ranting 😛 Let’s get started:

1. Lending Books

This is my biggest pet peeve in life! If you know someone who likes to read and you offer them a copy of your book, you expect it back in the same condition. But, no. Books come back tarnished, there are spills and stains, pages are folded down, the cover is little bent, and sometimes you don’t even get the book back!

2. Interruptions

I hate when you are in the middle of a big event or something epic is going to happen when all of a sudden someone is banging your door down and interrupting your “me time”. Like can’t you see I’m reading? This is mainly my sisters but I’m sure a lot of you know what I’m getting at.

3. Judging A Bookworm By Their Covers

I am actually proud of this little title. Reading is beginning to fade as the years roll by. People just don’t want to read and when they know someone who does like to read, they judge. This happens a lot to people and not just me. It is seen as nerdy and not cool if you’re into reading and some people can actually get abuse for it. Why judge someone for what they love to do? Everyone is different, so let them embrace their passion and do what they love to do.

4. Trying To Get Comfortable 

Okay surely I am not the only one who is annoyed by this. When you are reading and you find a comfy spot on the bed or couch or floor or wherever… it takes a while to actually get comfortable. If you sit up your back gets sore, if you lay on your belly, your elbows get sore, if you lie down you get a double chin, if you lie on your side the book doesn’t level out. There are so many ways of reading but there is never just one comfortable place.

5. Bookstore Prices

This gets me every time. Ireland tends to take advantage of a majority of the population not reading. Their prices are atrocious for books and when they say there are deals and sales, it is usually the books that you do not want to read. I have learned over the years that online bookshopping is the way to go.

6. People Arranging Your Books

You know the way people can by nosy and they just root through your personal items and decide to pick up a few things and put them down in the wrong place? Well this goes for bookworms too. Often when a friend or cousin or sister/brother come over they have a look at your bookshelf, that’s normal, that’s okay. Then they proceed to taking books out and reading their blurbs. When they are finished they just scatter them everywhere and have no consideration for organisation. No no no no no. Please don’t touch!

7. When People Just Don’t Get It

This is kind of linked with point 3. I have to agree with SophiesSeries on this one. Why are you always reading? Why do you read? What’s so big about books? Reading only gets your hopes up. I always feeling like slapping someone when I hear this. Lately the new comment is, reading will only higher your expectations of men out there. Okay, it was a little funny and maybe true but I don’t care. I love reading and stories and the fact that fictional worlds and characters are different to this world, so leave me be in my own little fictional bubble!

8. Cover Changes

I hate but also love cover changes. If you have a series bought and read and BOOM the author has changed the whole freaking design. I hate it because I don’t want to spend money on the new and pretty covers for them to be sitting on my shelf unread. On the other hand, if the book cover is really bad I tend to look for another one that appeals to me. This point is a little random but anyway.

9. Page Flicking

You know when you are just casually reading and you are in the zone, and then you go to flick your page and the book just closes? Does this happen to anyone else? Sometimes I accidentally flick like two pages and I get lost, or I drop the book and lose my page, or when my sisters are annoying and actually snatch the book away from me. Someway or other, I lose my place when I am in the zone. Like ugh!

10. Buzzing Phone

I have a habit of reading and texting. It is so distracting! I will just be texting someone when I decide I want to read, but you have to read and keep up the conversation. That means you have to keep stop reading and reply. But, if you don’t reply you feel bad for ignoring them, but then you feel bad for not reading because shit is going down. Like I consider myself a multitasker, but this is just something I cannot deal with.

That’s it for this post today. I hope you liked it and related to some of my points. Let me know some your pet peeves down below!

Thanks for reading,

Pierina Reads ❤


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