Best Book Couples

Okay so I was doing some research for some new and fun ideas for posts. I came across this one and loved the idea. I read so many books and I always have that hope about certain couples, especially in love triangles. Love triangles are like the go-to plot line for some books and although I complain about them, they are the main base that builds the story. Let’s get started:

Best Couples:

  1. Calaena & Chaol – I have recently started the Throne Of Glass Series and am Team Chaol!
  2. Clary & Jace – there was so many ups and downs and a lot of lies and misunderstandings involving this relationship. No matter what happened though, these two just had to be together in my eyes! Click here to read my complete meltdown of the plot-twisting news in City Of Bones.
  3. Tessa & Will – this is all really similar but I’m sorry I just couldn’t believe in Tessa & Jem. I loved Jem but nooo, she belongs with Will!
  4. Sue & Chris – if you know me at all then you know my obsession Anna Katmore’s The Grove Beach Series and this couple. I ship these too so hard…. I want my own Chris ❤
  5. Elizabeth & Darcy – Pride & Prejudice is probably, nearly, almost, one of my favourite classics. I just loved the relationship between these two once they stumbled over their hurdles and finally got on the straight and narrow. giphy (1).gif
  6. Cassie & Evan – if you guys read my review for The 5th Wave then you will understand this. (Click here)
  7. Tris & Four – since the start of Divergent, I just wanted to see how their relationship blossomed. I loved the progression and how it was not all so fast, but it took time to build along with the hurdles and obstacles of their lives. giphy.gif
  8. Katniss & Gail – okay, so they are’t “technically a couple” (I mean how can you be when you are constantly being hunted as a target to kill?), but I’ve always wanted this to happen. Everyone seems to be Team Peeta but I just couldn’t handle it. I liked Peeta, he was cool, however, Katniss and Gail had a connection well before the games. I don’t know maybe it’s just me.
  9. Catherine & Heathcliff – I am currently studying Wuthering Heights in college and I just wish this would have properly happened. Like why you got to want to grow up and be a lady Cathy? Heathcliff obviously adored you! I am a hopeless romantic and have always loved the stories about the peasant boy/girl falling for the rich boy/girl or prince/princess. I still live in a fairytale land guys 🙂
  10. Sophie & Gideon – I totally loved this couple! I think my favourite thing about it was he kept ordering scones just to see her, hid them under his bed only for Sophie to discover that he didn’t even like them. I laughed so much at this scene, it was just the cutest scenario!

As you can pretty much tell, I am a hopeless romantic. I love love ❤ I know most of you just want to get a bucket and puke, or you are rolling your eyes. I am not sorry! I am one of those people who cries during romcoms when the guy gets the girl, or when they get engaged. I can’t help it….

Can we all take a moment to appreciate that I figured out the whole GIF thing!!! 😀

I really hope you liked this post. Let me know some of your best couples and suggest some books with amazing power couples 😛

Thanks for reading,

Pierina Reads ❤


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