25 Bookish Facts About Me

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Hey guys! I have seen this post around a lot and thought it would be really fun to come up with some of my own facts. Without further-a-do, here are 25 bookish facts about me:

  1. I become very emotionally invested in characters
  2. I prefer to read physical copies of books – ebooks will do but I can never concentrate on them properly. I like the feel of an actual book in my hands.
  3. I can never read and eat at the same time – I don’t understand how you can nibble on some chocolate and read! Like the food distracts me!!!
  4.  I find it hard to concentrate on the story if there is a lot of noise – this is even if there are people just whispering. I really need like a quiet zone just to keep up with the words.
  5. I do most of my reading before I go to sleep – it really helps me get in a sleepy mood. But, if the book is really good then I would more than likely stay up half of the night, if not the whole night, to read it. This happens quite a bit!
  6. I always like to think of other plot twists when I am reading books – like I always think to myself “what would happen if she picked the other guy”, or “what would happen if he/she listened to the other characters and just do what they are supposed to do?”
  7. I hate when new book covers come out – If I have a whole series with the same books covers, and then a new cover of the series comes out I freak out! Especially if they are even prettier! I don’t want to buy the same book with a different cover if I may not read them again!
  8. I hate when one book cover is different – if an author releases a series and the last book cover is different, I go insane! Like nooo!!!! They just won’t look nice when they stand side by side…
  9. My book series have to have the same covers – this is basically what I mean by my last point.
  10. If the book/series I am reading is insanely amazing then I pretty much just let it take over my life – I will become a hermit and forget about college, I will not sleep until I have the series read… this happened with TMI!
  11. I have to be honest when I say I am one of those people who picks out spelling and grammar mistakes – I know that everybody makes mistakes and I know I make a lot of them when it comes to writing, but I still spot them and I have to give myself a minute to get over it. It’s just who I am guys!
  12. I always have this overwhelming feeling that I just want to read like five books at the one time – I’ll be like “I want to read Throne Of Glass, Fangirl and TMI like right this second” I really don’t know why! But, I can only read one at a time…
  13. I get so annoyed when I am in the middle of an important scene or like the plot twist that leaves me hanging over the edge and BAM, someone just interrupts me – like no go away! I don’t want to see your face, I don’t want to hear your voice!
  14. I always need recovery time to move on from a series – this has just always been me. When I finish a series I need like a day or two to calm down. Otherwise I get confused with characters and plot lines and I can’t tell TMI from TID! Time is important people…
  15. The over emphasis on sex really drives me crazy – I do read quite a lot of romance but the one sentence that makes me want to scream is: “We made love” AGGGHHHHHH! Why do you have to dance around it? Maybe it’s just me but I just really don’t like how authors make such an emphasis on it! There is nothing wrong with including sex, it’s natural, but no just say it how it is please.
  16. Once I start a series, I have to finish it some time or other, even if it’s not that great…
  17. I overspend when it comes to books – this is nothing new to those of you who have been following my blog for a while. I will spend so much money on books and packaging that my heart breaks when I look at my bank account balance. It all comes together though when the books arrive and they are so pretty on my shelf! They belong with me!!!
  18. I am just throwing this out there… I do not like hardbacks – they are pretty don’t get me wrong, but I hate reading hardbacks! They don’t have the same flexibility as paperbacks and they are so much bigger to fit in my bag when I’m going to college or on a plane. I think I only own two hardbacks out of all my books. Plus I can’t bring myself to pay extra just for the book having a hard back. My bank account suffers enough.
  19. I’m not a huge fan of books involving sickness – I am not being rude or mean but I read to escape from the nastiness of life. I am not saying that these stories are not good, most of them can be very inspiring, but I feel like they make me think twice about life and the way I live it. I like how I live my life now and really don’t want to be reminded of the horrors of sickness.
  20. I hate the oppression of women – I can be such a feminist when I read. I get annoyed so easily if the book has a lot of masculine heroes and women are oppressed and making them out to be nothing. I like strong female characters that give me the inspiration to stand up for my beliefs and make me independent. I am so glad that a lot more authors are writing about female heroines and characters.
  21. I always hate the villain, even when their story is explained and they are expected sympathy – like yeah okay you have every right to be mad about what so and so did to you, but everyone gets screwed over at least once in their lives and they have to deal with that. But, I suppose books would be nothing without the villain.
  22. I can pretty much read anywhere if there is some sort of silence – a lot of people cannot read on planes or in cars, but I can really read anywhere, even a small little shelter in a wall. Once no one disturbs me and they keep quiet, I am all good.
  23. If I like a series (like really like) I become obsessed with the author – I stalk their websites and twitter, I read more of their other books. I watch so many reviews on YouTube. Recently Cassandra Clare and Sarah J Maas have been my go-to authors. I am really liking the videos Sarah Maas gets involved in on BookTube!
  24. Okay, this fact is going to shock most of you and you may even begin to hate me… I have never read Harry Potter! I know, I know, I know… At the time when the books were big, I wasn’t really into the whole wizard, magic thing. But as time went on and I watched the movies, I have wanted to read them. So, it is on my bucket list to read all books this year!
  25. I always seem to relate or take a liking to characters who also like books – like Sue from The Grover Beach Series, or Calaena from Throne Of Glass. It’s like “yes, we can be best friends because you read books and so do I!”

I am finally done! As you can probably tell, I take my reading very seriously. At first I thought it would be hard to think of 25 facts, but it was pretty easy. I love to read so much that I have so many habits and thoughts about books and how I read.

I really hope you guys liked this post. I liked thinking of these facts that I never really actually thought about and now that have I always point them out to myself. Let me know if any of you relate to these facts, or have some of your own you would like to share.

Thanks for reading,

Pierina Reads ❤


8 thoughts on “25 Bookish Facts About Me

  1. Very interesting points!
    I can read anywhere really, the noise never seems to bother me, unless there is a car alarm that is going off.
    I won’t mention point 24…:p
    Hardbacks always have nice looking covers which is why I sometimes buy them, but paperbacks are much easier to read I find too.
    Great post. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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