January Favourites

I know it has been a few weeks since I’ve posted… sorry about that. Is it too late to a January Favourites post? As you already know, I read a lot of books last month and was do glad I had so much time to just relax and got lost in all the stories and words. I hate picking only three books each month that I loved, I love all books (unless they really are not that good), but I have come to my conclusion for my favourites last month.

  1. City Of Heavenly Fire – Cassandra Clare. This book was just so amazing. I loved the whole series but the last book was the best book. There was just so many twists and turns, drama and action. Everything was explained and everything that I wanted to happen happened. The ending was one I was hoping for and Cassie really did just blow my mind
  2. Clockwork Princess – Cassandra Clare. Yes another Cassie book. This book literally left me just gaping at the pages. The plot twists really won me over, like I really didn’t expect how everything turned out. I’m not going to lie, i cried a few times (a lot of times) but there was also some humour that I thought really blended everything together. The very end plot twist literally made me think twice about all of her series. Cassie is truly talented and just insanely clever.
  3. Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell. I literally couldn’t put this book down until I had finished it. It was relatable and I really feel that I clicked with Cathy. I just loved how Rowell really made this book about problems everybody faces and she really gives her readers an insight into the different kinds of people that there are.

I am so sorry that this post is really late and I haven’t been posting. I really need to get back into blogging. This semester involves a lot more work than last semester and I am trying to keep up with work this time around to avoid stressing for my exams. Thanks so much for reading guys and I really hope you guys liked this Favourites post. What are some of your favourites from last month?

Pierina Reads ❤


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