January Wrap Up

It is that time of the month yet again. I was looking at my calendar and realised what date it was… I have lost track of everything over the past month.  It was just as well that I remembered that I had to post this. I have done a good amount of reading this moth and have made a head start for my Reading Challenge on GoodReads.

Cassandra Clare:

City Of Fallen Angels – I really just sped through this book trying to get through the gaps and whatnot. The ending definitely compelled me to keep going.

City Of Lost Souls – I really did enjoy this book. It was unusual and I loved the relationships that were built up.

City Of Heavenly Fire – so much happened in this book that I my eyes were glued to the pages. It was probably my favourite out the series and I loved how everything ended.

Clockwork Angels – I immediately fell in love with the characters and the plot. It was thrilling but not too heavy. Clare really planned out the layout of the events.

Clockwork Prince – It was Will’s secret that got me and then a certain plot twist that had my heart breaking for him.

Clockwork Princess – this book was brilliant. Clare really thought about how everything was going to play out. I loved the many plot twists and the answers I got about Tessa. It was truly amazing.

Catherine Doyle:

Inferno – this book was released in the beginning of this month and I was so happy. I read this during the week I was sick and remembered that Sophie’s many problems really made me feel better about my own viral problems… eww.

C.J Duggan:

Forever Summer – I have been waiting for Ellie and Adam’s story for quite some time and I just adored it. It was cute and flirty. I loved how Duggan really expressed the problems of everyday life and not just romance.

Rainbow Rowell:

Fangirl – I wasn’t too sure if I was going to like this book but I gave it a shot. Fortunately, I loved it. I couldn’t put it down. I related so much to Cath and I just loved Levi. There were times where my heart literally broke for her and then other times I was crying with happiness. Rowell has a way of puling you into her characters and I was so invested in them.

So, as you can see I spent more time reading than studying for my exams this month. This month has gone so fast and I have a gut feeling that this whole entire year is going to flash by. I hope you have all had a good January and will continue to do so as we move into February.

Thanks for reading,

PierinaReads ❤





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