Favourite Bookish Characters

Well hello there! I had a great idea a few weeks ago to do a post on some of my favourite bookish characters at the moment. I am going to separate these according to genders otherwise it would all just be a big mess. These characters are from most of the big series that have been released over the years, but they are the series that I am loving and have become emotionally invested in. So, let’s get started:

Girls Who Run The World:

Isabelle Lightwood – she is probably my favourite character of all time. She is confident, sexy and badass. She really stands up for the girls of our younger generation and really outlines our superiority, but also the troubles and struggles we endure too. She is ultimate bae!

Susan Miller – Yes you should all know that Sue from Anna Katmore’s Grover Beach Series would be in this list. She is a complete book worm and is completely clueless when it comes to reality… that pretty much sums me up.

Tris Prior – I love Tris from the Divergent Series. Not only is she badass but she really has that feminine quality of equality in the world. She is all about helping her city and family and friends, but she realises that the world will never be the way she would like it to be. I love how her character matures throughout the books as she takes on the big decisions.

Christina – This girl makes me laugh when it comes to Divergent. I feel like she pieces the female roles together in this series to really show the strength and care that women portray. She endures so much in this series with Will and other things but she is forgiving which is important.

Prim Everdeen – this girl is such a sweetheart in the Hunger Games Series and reminds me so much of my youngest sister. She is loving and caring on the outside but fierce and protective on the inside. Most people would mention Katniss, but I just couldn’t make a connection to her character in this series except the whole business of volunteering for her sister.

Cassie Hobbs – minus the whole supernatural talent in the Naturals Series, this girl really stands up for what she believes in and takes her life in her hands., even when there is a stalker after her. She really expresses the insight to how to move on with life and stay strong even when life is throwing its maddening curveballs.

Cecily Herondale – I love this girl’s stubbornness from The Infernal Devices Series. She may look as pretty with her brothers handsome features and whatnot but she is a fierce little being. I love how she wants to protect Will from the sinful Shadowhunting community until she begins to become entrapped in it herself. She is brave and courageous which really binds the female roles in this series, especailly during the patriarchal times of 1800’s in London.

Sophie Collins – the role of the maid in The Infernal Devices Series really expresses the hardship and abusive nature of women in 1800’s. Sophie is strong and so loving all wrapped into one that I love the scenes in which she truly expresses her inner beauty.

Women in novels are usually the damsels in distress and yes I admit that I do love those stories, but I think it is so important to portray women for the strength and bravery in which we do inherit. These characters are good examples to convey such amazing qualities.

Knights In Shining Armour:

Jace Herondale – of course Jace from The Mortal Instruments Series would be the first in this list. I really didn’t know what name to give him and went with the truthful one. I know a lot of people found his character annoying, and at times I did, but I loved observing how he matured and changed throughout the series.

Will Herondale – Will is just like Jace in the Infernal Devices. A lot of people fall for Jem’s character and I do love Jem, but there is this connection to Will that draws me in just like Jace’s… well, they are the same bloodline I suppose.

Evan Walker – alien or whatever species he is from The 5th Wave really makes my heart swoon. His character is the total knight in shining armour. Ben would be top in people’s choices, but I didn’t really connect with him until the second book, whereas Evan just made this book thrilling and interesting.

Four/Tobias Eaton – Who wouldn’t love Four? From that first scene in Divergent I knew I was in love! I really don’t know what draws my attention to his character. It could be his whole mysterious and burdened attitude or his background story with his Dad that makes me feel sympathetic, I really don’t know.

Caleb Prior – the lost little brother who is just so confused about his world. I love how Veronica Roth really portrays his character as the little brother in this series and not the hunky main character.

Thomas – the curiosity in The Maze Runner really shone through in this series. With the whole mystery of Thomas’ connection with WICKED, his character really does some thinking and soul seeking.

Newt – I literally cried in the third book (without spoiling). When I was reading this seriesI really felt like I could have Newt as a best friend. He is just cute and lovable, not to mention loyal. He is best friend material.

Minho – I felt the same about Minho. He is loyal to his friends in the maze and takes his job as runner seriously. I just loved how Dashner brought the whole male population together, but instead of showing the strength and bravery he portrayed loyalty, vulnerability and the fear that guys usually put so much effort into hiding.

As I did a female favourites, I may as well have done a male favourites and just gush over these bookish characters. It is only in my nature to talk about how hot and gorgeous they are… even if they are not real.

That’s it for this favourites post. Let me know some of your favourite bookish characters!

Thanks for reading,

PierinaReads ❤


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