Irish Stereotyping

Hi all! I have an off-topic post for you today that I wanted to share. I know not a lot of my readers are Irish… some of you are though… but, I just want to tell you the kind of stereotyping we receive.

Being Irish is actually pretty tough, not in the way of poverty or anything like that. I mean that we get a lot of stereotyping and abuse thrown at us from all angles. Quite frankly, it really pisses me off.

I’m just going to list a few for you guys below that really make me rage, or want to explode.

1. Lepreachauns

Just to clarify… WE ARE NOT LEPRECHAUNS! The overuse of placing Irish people as leprechauns in a lot of American or other international movies drives me insane. No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Leprechauns are one of Ireland’s many mythical creatures which is all they are. And, we are not that small either! Okay, I am quite small… but I know so many other Irish people who are at least six foot! Just to add that not all of us are always so happy either. We can actually be quite grumpy… but we do know how to have a good laugh too.

2. The Luck Of The Irish

Linking with the leprechauns, we Irish are well-known for our luck… NO WE ARE NOT! We are actually the exact opposite. People in general are lucky, but us Irish do not possess luck. Our sports teams barely make it to international television. Irish musicians are rare outside of Ireland and we are pretty amazing musicians! Our economy is so bad with all the bad spending and whatnot. Our country does not have the many amazing things other countries have because we are either too small or we can’t afford it. Ireland is amazing don’t get me wrong… but we are not little leprechauns that go around with pots of gold and luck falling from our shoulders. I’m sorry to say that our four leaf clovers are running low and our shamrock just simply doesn’t work.

3. Red Hair

NOT ALL OF US HAVE RED HAIR! This stereotype is probably the biggest one I have heard. I have nothing against red hair, I actually think that it is quite nice. However, we have a small percentage of around 10% or something that actually have natural red hair. Also, if you are from another country and have red hair… it does not necessarily mean that you are of Irish descent.

4. Accents

I’m sorry if I am going to offend anyone… but actors are really bad at Irish accents in films! The only people who can pull it off are Irish people and even they can overdo it! There are so many different accents in our country as I am sure there are in other countries. One does not sum us all up. This little YouTube video basically explains it all.

5. Violence

I have noticed that there has been so much mention of the Irish in crime programmes. It usually has something to do with drug lords and mafia that goes around killing people and blah blah blah. No! I mean every country has its own drug cartels and mafia gangs or whatever. Ireland is no different nor are half of us even aware of the violence. Yes, we do know how drink rings around ourselves and all but not all of us get dragged into crime and gangs.

These are just five stereotypes that drive me insane. It can be funny sometimes, but the overuse of these in films really make me want to rage. We are a small nation with so much history and mistakes but so is every other country. We all have different features and qualities and I think Irish people just appeal to international folk because we really do not care. I apologise if I have offended anybody in this post by the way…

Thanks for reading,

PierinaReads ❤


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