5 Tip To Glam Up Your Reading Area

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 22.31.21.png I finally got around to another Tips post for you guys. I really like doing these kind of posts, but it takes so long to come up with new ideas and organising each tip. Anyway, I have been doing some cleaning and rearranging and this thought popped into my head.

Without further-a-do, here are 5 tips to glam up your reading area:


  1. Find A Quiet Place

Most of you will already have a reading space whether that be your own bedroom or a separate room altogether. I think it is important that you make sure this area is secluded from a lot of noises, for example where there is a tv. My room is away from the kitchen and sitting room, so it is suitable for a reading in a nice silent place. It really helps with concentration levels. But, that could just be me. Find a place suitable for you.

2. Rearranging

You don’t actually have to rearrange anything if you are too lazy or just can’t move anything. I always find that the best place to read is in one corner of the room. I really don’t know why, but it just feels secluded from everything else. Usually I use the corner right beside my window. I think this is just nice to have a view of the outdoors when I read. You don’t have to rearrange your reading area to suit this, but it does give you something else to look at when you need a few minute break from all the words. Normally when the book is building up and the twist happens, I always need a few minutes to come to terms with the events, so I just glance out the window like an idiot. It’s fun!

3. Furniture

Armchair – You are going to want a comfy armchair or couch. Get some pillows and blankets and you will never leave. You will be so comfortable that you will just get lazy and not move. That happens to me a lot…

Comfy place –  I know that not everybody can afford to purchase something like this, so you can always substitute. What I mean by that is get a whole lot of blankets and pillows, comfy furniture accessories and place them in the place you want to read. Go ahead and make a little padded mattress for yourself. It may look a little bit of a mess but once it’s comfortable for you then that’s all that matters.

Table – You don’t have to put this in but it can be useful. When you are drinking your tea, or writing down some notes you are going to need somewhere to put them. A small little table is the perfect option. Spruce it up and put a candle on it too. Candles make everything better!

Bookshelf – The most important piece of furniture you are going to need for your reading area is a bookshelf. If you have a bookshelf somewhere else and can’t fit it in, don’t worry about it. Anyway, this is the place where all your books live. I think a bookshelf is the perfect feature for your reading area. It brings some life to the room and it is always fun to watch it fill up, even though your bank account doesn’t think so.

4. Decoration

This is just little objects that can glam up your reading area. I like to use picture frames and ornaments. My family and friends are important to me, so having little photo frames of my favourite moments really adds my personality to the room. I also have little elephant ornaments and dolphins that I stole from my parents… that I probably should not have posted because now she is going to wonder where they have gone.

You can also add book holders which can really bring some life to the bookshelf. Candles are spiritual and warm, especially scented ones. I think my reading area is probably a fire hazard with all the candles I have.

Flowers and plants can add colour and something unique to the room. My number one bae (you know who you are bae) told me that Funko Pops are just fun and cute to have scattered on your bookshelf and are great for Instagram too!

Framed book quotes are really unique to have too. You can add posters of your favourite characters and signed pictures if you have any too. This is just you adding your own touch to make the room colourful and fun for you to escape to. Put things in that you think will brighten up your day.

5. Read

Now that you have it decorated and completely you, it is time to put your skill to good use and get comfortable. Light your candles, snuggle up with your blankets and tea, think how cute your Funko Pops are and get reading.

Thanks for reading,

PierinaReads ❤



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