You all know that feeling when you are online shopping or physically shopping and you just see all this amazing stuff. You just can’t help yourself, so you buy them all… then, you don’t have enough to pay at the till, so you have to use your credit card? I understand you!

My parents bought me an Amazon Gift Voucher for Christmas and I could not have been happier. So, the other night I was doing my online shopping, as you do. Of course, I am not just any ordinary online shopper. I don’t log onto New Look and Missguided… no, no, no, I log onto the Book Department on Amazon like any normal book worm would.

I decided that with this money I was not going to hold back. I needed new books… well, I need them to finish series that I have. So, after possibly two hours of browsing I was satisfied with my list. I checked out and was happy as Larry, until I saw my end result.

I was finding books on sale, but it was the shipping to Ireland that got me. I literally did a double-take and then hyperventilated for a little while. I had all the books that were on my list. I had passed the limit of the gift card, with more money remaining. I really hadn’t planned to overspend, but it just happened.

I was torn between logging off and pushing the thoughts of opening my packages to the back of my mind. But, my willpower was just not strong enough. Before I could comprehend my movements, my finger clicked on the mouse and my order was placed. Long gone was my money, but behold a whole box of new books.

Still waiting patiently, my stomach knotted with excitement, I can’t help feel that I may have a book spending problem that I cannot control.

This goes for all you beauty bloggers and shoppers out there too. Overspending is so painful, but the end product is delightful. Do you guys have the same problem? I really should do a post about how to maintain your spending, but I would really have to learn first.

This was just a little off-topic post for you guys. I just wanted to see if you guys have an overspending problem like myself… if not, I must be alone in this dark world.

Thanks for reading,

PierinaReads ❤


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