2015 Favourites


This will be my first ever annual favourites post. I actually can’t wait to write this for you. You all know how much I love favourites posts. This is not just any favourites post though. I have twelve months worth of books to choose from!

I am going to pick my top 5 from this year and add them down below:

Vendetta – Catherine Doyle. This is a no brainer. You know from all my other previous posts how much I mention this book. It is just so amazing. Inferno (#2) is being released on the 7th of this month, so watch out for it!

The Trouble With Dating Sue – Anna Katmore. You may also realise that I mention this book in every post I can. This is the second companion book, Chris’ POV. I find this one more interesting as Chris is my favourite character out of the whole Grover Beach Series. Please give me a Chris ❤

The Naturals – Jennifer Lynn Barnes. This book has my three main ingredients: romance, crime and supernatural abilities. Hell to the Yes! Barnes just understands me. I loved this book and cannot wait to purchase the third book in the series!

City Of Glass – Cassandra Clare. I have only recently discovered this wonderful woman. I am definitely a Jace fan… who’s with me?! I have not completed the whole series just yet, but this book is my favourite so far. Everything just comes out and there is so much thrilling plots. I literally could not out this book down, or even think about anything else, until I finished it. Clare has me putty in her hand with this.

The 5th Wave – Rick Yancey. It is safe to say that Yancey really blew my mind this year with this book. How on earth dis he create such an imaginative dystopian? It is so freaking amazing! Team Evan all the way. I am so excited for the movie soon. I just can’t!

There you go! I know 5 books is not a lot, but I think any more would have been too much. Give this a like and comment below some of your 2015 Favourites.

Thanks for reading,

PierinaReads ❤

(Also check out my new instagram dedicated to this blog: pierinareads)



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