New Instagram

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I have some exciting news for you all! You may have already guessed what it is by the title… I have a new instagram account. I decided late last night that I wanted a new account to dedicate this blog. I had originally made a new Twitter, but I am more of an instagram person.

Username: pierinareads

Please, please, please, please go and follow this account. I am so excited to have this because it means I get to share more with you guys.

I had intended that this blog be kept secret from friends and people that I know. I find that this is my little private sanctuary. Obviously my family knows. But, recently two of my closer friends discovered my blog when I accidentally posted to my Twitter. At first, I was like ‘ahhhh’. But, now I don’t think it’s so bad.

I still don’t want others to know though. This is a place where I can truly share my passion with you and I am able to more of myself with you guys… even if I don’t know you personally.

I am loving all of your blog posts (yes, I keep updated with you all) and I just thought that having an instagram would take me to the next level of sharing another passion. I love pictures and taking them. Now, I’m not a whizz when it comes to filters and whatnot. I am more of an original kind of person, but I am excited for you to see.

Please click onto your instagram when you get the chance and hit that follow button. It would mean the world to me and we can chat more about books and whatnot.

Leave your username down below and I’ll add you too!

I am having some trouble with adding the widget, but I hope it will be up soon.

Thanks for reading,

PierinaReads ❤



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