Hey guys! I just wanted to put a post up here to make sure you all had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying your time off. I know i am… maybe a bit too much. Remember how I said I was obsessed with WattPad? Well, this obsession has gone beyond the term.

You all might just expect a lot of reviews of stories from this app and not a lot of books next month. I have read so many great stories that are well worth a review. Some are even better standards than novels that are already published.

I want to give these talented authors a chance to hear some great feedback and get their stories out there. I also wanted to say that if any of you are writing a story/novel and want a review, just request it right here, via email or WattPad… anywhere you can contact me really. Pop on to my contact page and you’ll find some way to get your story/novel to me.

I really do love reading these amazing stories and writing reviews. I am a bit busy for the next few days but I have a plan to focus a lot on my writing and blog in the New Year, so I will get around to it sometime then.

While we are on the topic of WattPad, I am currently writing a story of my own on there and I would love if any of you WattPad users on here could go check it out. I have had some really fantastic comments and feedback. So, I’ll leave my page right here to make it easier for you guys to find it.

That’s it really for this post. I just wanted to say hey to all of you guys and tell you some of my plans that are coming up soon. How are you? How has your Christmas been? Do you have any plans if you have some time off?

Thanks for reading,

PierinaReads ❤


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