Blogmas Day 12


Hello to all of you wonderful people reading today’s Blogmas Post. We are officially at the halfway line, and there is only twelve more days left until Christmas. Now, today is a very special day for my family. This remarkable day marks my baby sister’s birthday (the one one the left). Unfortunately, she is no longer a baby and is now in her young years of teenage-hood. I think I am literally going to cry…. Shoutout to my amazing sister and I wish you a Happy Happy Birthday kiddo!

I thought it would be fitting to post A Sister’s Gift Guide Today. As well as that, I just want to shoutout to my other two younger sisters since this post is kind of about you too. This can also be used as guide for your bestfriend/friend/girlfriend/cousin… any girl really. As I have mentioned before, I have no brothers, but three sisters… you can imagine the struggles for my poor Dad. Anyway, here are a few ideas that I have used throughout the years:

Clothes – no.1 item to buy. All girls love clothes, no matter their personality. My sisters are not very girly. Two of them would never wear pink and Mam would always have to shop in the boy’s section… however, they have given in to the girl’s essentials. T-shirts with jokes and prints on them are a go-to if you ever need a last minute gift.

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 03.23.43Makeup – as I said, my sisters are not very girly. I have bought them the ‘ol eyeshadow palette here and there. But, if your sister is into makeup, then, this is probably your best option. Try find her favourite brand and get her a new eyeliner or lipstick. Makeup brushes are quite big in this year, especially Real Techniques.

DVD’s – if you’re are more of a closer family and have movie nights, then buying them their ultimate favourite DVD or just something you think they will love comes in handy. You can watch it together as you snuggle on the couch hogging all the popcorn. You get her a great gift and you also get to spend some quality time together… before the fighting begins.

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 03.24.14Candles – one of my sisters is very much into her candles as am I (there’s a little hint for any of my sisters who are reading this... if they are reading this). You don’t have to splash your cash on Yankee Candles. Pennies/Primark do amazing deals and the candle smells just as magnificent.

Concert tickets – this has been a popular choice for my gifts over the past few years. We are quite a musical family, as in we listen to a lot of music. I take my baby sister to a lot of country concerts and my other sisters go to the likes of Olly Murs (bae!). Not all concerts are expensive, so if you are looking to buy tickets, try looking for someone new and upcoming.

IMG_1958Books – my sisters are definitely not big readers like I am. The only thing they read is their Facebook newsfeeds. Last year, I got my sister the Robbie Keane book (which was expensive) and she never opened it. That’s not to say that your sisters are like mine. Books is a great gift. They are pretty expensive, so if you give her a few, she will have some to read over the few months and not have to worry about saving money to buy them.

Collages – we have done this before. You can DIY this, or you can purchase a collage frame. Go ahead and put your favourite photos of you together and other photos that have some meaning to her. I guarantee you she will love it and it might bring a little tear to her eye (or maybe that’s just me).

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 03.25.18Animals – this can the real deal or a stuffed one. One of my sisters hates, and I mean hates, animals, but the rest of us love them. I have gotten dog teddy bears and loved them. But, if you really want to surprise your sister, get her a puppy or a kitten, a fish or a hamster. Really get her an animal you know she will take care of, and one your parents will let her have. I have always wanted to wake up one Christmas morning to a little puppy, but that never happened.

Food – if you really don’t have a lot of money and are looking for another alternative, a food basket is the way to go. You can bake her her favourite cupcakes, cookies, brownies… whatever she likes. You will need to do a lot of research on finding out her preferences and then the recipes. Once you do all that, then go ahead and wrap them in a basket, or have them neatly decorated on a cake stand/plate on the day. Food really warScreen Shot 2015-12-12 at 03.25.50ms my heart!

Phone Accessories – the main accessory needed in this house is phone chargers. It is a nightmare trying to charge your phone when three little munchkins are after yours. My sisters don’t know how to maintain their stuff, like their chargers, so they steal mine. That leads to a lot of fighting. Chargers, cases, an iTunes voucher… get her some phone accessory that she will appreciate, so she won’t have to spend the money.

Everyday Essentials – there is always a thing or two that girls always need but never have the time to go out and get it. Tune into that time of day where she complains about not having this, or not having that. And, voila Bob’s your uncle. Something she will least expect for Christmas.

These are just a few ideas that I have used over the years. This year is so much easier as we have decided to to Kris Kindle. Thank the Lord! These are just a few general ideas. Every sister is different and these ideas may not have even come close to what she likes. My main tip is to just tune into what she says over the next few weeks and you’ll pick up something. It shows you care and that you listen, even if it was a forceful act for Christmas.

That’s it for today’s Blogmas Post. Please like if you enjoyed it and comment any of your ideas on gifts for sisters down below. Of course these ideas can be used for friends/girlfriends/cousins. These are versatile and just girly things. Remember to pop onto my blog tomorrow for another Blogmas Post, and catch up if you haven’t already.

Thanks for reading,

PierinaReads ❤


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