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Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 23.58.05.pngOkay, you book lovers and story writers are really going to hate me. Not only did I not know about GoodRead and BookTube, I also did not know about the amazing invention of WattPad. What am I going to do with myself? It was abookutopia who introduced me to me via her BookTube.

I know what you are all thinking: “how does this girl survive and is writing a blog about books?” That is the question that I ask myself everyday. You could say that I’m not entirely connected with the Book community, but I am learning. I read a lot of books and enjoy sharing my opinions with you guys, so I’m not quite technical with the whole community thing just yet.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. This app has changed my life in the course of two days… yes, you read that right. I got this app and started reading people’s books and stories straight away.

If you guys didn’t already know, I am looking into creative writing and possibly novel writing as part of my career. I love books, stories and how a plot forms. So, when I found this app, it was like a calling for me to get some of my work out there for people to read. My Mum is the only person who has read my one and only novel so far and she loved it.. well, she is supposed to say that. I haven’t started putting anything up because I have been addicted to this story written by Read_Write_Loveit. I will link her page right here. I am currently reading ‘Will I Always Be Just A Friend?’ I am so in love with this story and am not completely done, but it is just amazing.

I wanted to put this post out there to let you guys know how clueless I am really, and to also give any of you the chance to have a look at it if you also did not know about it. If you love to read and write some stories then this app is worth the download. My iPad has never loved me as much in the past few days, I haven’t been off it as much since I bought it.

Like I said, it is a great opportunity for any of you guys to get your work out there. I hear that a lot of published authors first started out by using WattPad before they were recognised by publishing companies. I know Beth Reekles, who writes amazing stories, used this app before she began to publish her books. She still uses it for her short stories and I have been reading a lot of them.

Please do give it a try and I promise you that you will become just as addicted as I am. There is so many categories to cater for your kind of genre too, so don’t worry about that. Click this link here if you would like to download it from the app store (this app store is linked to an Ireland and may be different for some of you). I am going to link my page here. Please follow me if you have it and keep up to date with the stories I am going to begin to write. If you have a WattPad account, then comment down below your username too.

That’s it for this short post. Please like if you already have this app or interested in downloading it. Comment your username and thoughts on the app. Also, if you have any suggestions to great stories that you think I will enjoy, link them below too.

Thanks for reading,

PierinaReads ❤


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