Blogmas Day 8

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Welcome to today’s Blogmas Post! Today, I am going to be telling you guys some places I would love to visit during the Christmas time. You know when you read books or watch Christmas movies and say to yourself “I would so love to be there right now”, well this is that kind of post. Also, note the slideshow that I figured out how to do. I know you are all like “wow this girl is clueless”, but just to let you know that I am not that clever when it comes to computers. I have learned so much from writing this blog, but I think this feature is probably my favourite.

Anyway, enough blabbing. Here is six different places I would love to visit during Christmas time:

New York – who doesn’t want to go to New York during Christmas? I have watched so many films and heard of so many people who have gone to this amazing city. I have never been myself, but I would so would love to go. There is just something magical about New York during this festive season that appeals to me and probably most other people.

The North Pole – I think this one is an obvious choice for people who love this holiday just as much as I do. I have always wanted to visit Alaska ever since I got my husky. It would be an amazing experience during this season. The snow and the huskies would literally melt my heart… or freeze it.

London – I have recently travelled here for a weekend and loved it so much. The Christmas lights were already lit and the atmosphere was so festive. I have already gotten a taste for it, but it would be so amazing if I actually visited again during the Christmas holidays. I really need to rent an apartment here or something because I cannot wait to go back.

Chicago – this city has been on my list for quite some time. If you don’t know, I love Chicago Fire. There are some episodes set during Christmas and it looks so amazing. Also, one of my favourite BookTubers is from here, so I could possibly get a chance to meet with her. The festive season is just the prettiest time of year to travel to this city.

Toronto – I actually have family here, so it would be really nice to spend Christmas with them. A few years ago, I visited during Thanksgiving and it was pretty. The cold was setting in, so that really set the festive mood. I was there over the summer, but it was just too hot for me to function. I would rather visit this city during Christmas.

Nashville – to be honest, I would visit this city at any time of the year. It is the place I would like to travel to most. It is the home of country music, and if you guys don’t know… I am a major country fan, like major! I think Nashville would be beautiful during Christmas and as well as that, there would probably be so many country stars singing Christmas songs… that would be the best experience for me.

That’s it for this Blogmas Post. Please give it a like if you enjoyed it and comment below if you have visited any of these places. Also, leave me your comments about the places you would love to visit during Christmas. Make sure you pop on over to my blog and catch up with my other Blogmas Posts. I have been getting good reviews so far and would like to hear from you guys more.

Thanks for reading,

PierinaReads ❤





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